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Socially responsible and natural brands are among the top sunscreens sold online, according to Kline’s Amalgam tool

Kline’s digital tracking tool Amalgam regularly scans online retailers and ranks brands monthly based on a proprietary algorithm that takes customer ratings, reviews, prevalence, and duration into account. In May 2018, Amalgam’s top ranked sunscreen brands include Thinksport (#2) and Thinkbaby (#3) from Thinksocial, a company that is focused on social responsibility and using natural ingredients in its brands. Thinksport sunscreens contain zinc oxide 20% with SPF 50+ and are touted as the first sunscreens to pass Whole Foods Premium Care requirements and are rated #1 by the Environmental Working Group. Continue reading

Messegeschehen VIVANESS

Birkenstock’s Entry and Numerous Novelties Hit Vivaness 2017

Natural personal care products continue to conquer the beauty world, confirmed not only by the large crowd seen at the Vivaness show in Nuremberg this past weekend, but also by the dynamic growth this market experiences each year. While most marketers continue to innovate, bringing nature’s best ingredients to consumers’ faces and bodies, a new and unexpected entry is taking the market by the storm—Birkenstock Natural Care.

Best known as a leader in the footwear industry, Birkenstock is making its way into the natural personal care market with a natural beauty care line based on the same raw material that is also the key component of its original shoe insole: natural cork. Birkenstock Natural Care is comprised of five treatment ranges encompassing ingredients like arctic moss, argan oil, baobab, moringa, and elderberries, alongside cork oak extract, which has been discovered to provide anti-aging benefits. Coming in a unique design and equipped with a refill system and airless dispensers that protect the content from oxidation, contamination, and dehydration, this new brand is expected to

launch in select key markets this fall.Continue reading

Natural Personal Care

All Natural Products are Here to Stay

Now topping an estimated $36 billion at the manufacturers’ level and experiencing more than five consecutive years of double-digit growth, the natural beauty and personal care market is as vibrant as ever. Once thought of as a passing trend, the natural and organic movement has solidified itself an industry mainstay that gets stronger each year thanks to growing consumer demand and higher performance products.

Having natural ingredients alone used to be enough to satisfy the core natural user, but now that the trend has moved squarely into the mainstream, it’s more critical than ever that products deliver results. Continue reading

Natural Personal Care Global Series

Top Three Drivers of the Global Natural Personal Care Market

The dynamics of the natural personal care market are impressive, attracting more and more players that want to profit from the lucrative opportunities this market offers. Over time, our ongoing Natural Personal Care Global Series report has identified several factors that have been influencing and driving this prosperous market. Let’s take a look at the top three drivers in recent years:Continue reading

Transcending Natural Cosmetics Go Vegan

As Kline gears up for the research for the next edition of Natural Personal Care Global Series (base year: 2012) and for Inside the Minds of Natural Consumers, a new study from Kline designed to understand consumer perceptions of natural personal care and natural household cleaning, some trends are worth mentioning. While the natural personal care market has been growing at compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 13% since 2006, Kline observes that lately, natural ingredients are making an especially big splash in ethnic hair care, professional skin care, and male grooming products.

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