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[Save the Date!] Webinar on Natural Beauty Around the Globe

Naturals have flourished globally, with the segment now representing a more significant proportion of the cosmetics & toiletries market around the world. In both Brazil and China, the dominance of nature-inspired brands was a predominant factor for the segment’s growth, while in Europe and the United States, truly natural indies take center stage.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the high single-digit growth rates recorded over the years are now questionable for the future, with certain categories impacted more than others. Join our upcoming webinar to truly understand the naturals movement around the world, along with its drawbacks, possibilities, and projections.

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Natural Surfactants - APG outlook remains rosy

Natural surfactants – APG outlook remains rosy

The sustainability movement continues to gain momentum within suppliers of chemicals and ingredients to the personal care industry increasingly focusing on establishing competence as a sustainable or green player in the industry. One facet of sustainability, ‘naturals’ continues to drive growth within the industry.

The natural personal care market at brand level grew by over 8% in the USA during 2009 despite the recession, a similar scenario in other regions battling with the economic downturn. In turn personal care ingredients have benefited from consumer desire to use natural products.Continue reading