Natural Personal Care Market

The Move Towards Truly Natural Products Aims to Strengthen the Natural Personal Care Market

While products formulated with a high proportion of synthetic ingredients dominate the global natural personal care market, accounting for nearly 75% of the total market share in 2014, truly natural positioning is gaining importance with consumers, manufacturers, and retailers. Following this trend, marketers have increasingly been reformulating with a higher proportion of truly natural ingredients in their products, finds the imminent Kline’s soon-to-be-published Natural Personal Care Global Series report.

The popularity of natural-inspired products is higher in less mature markets, such as Brazil and some Asia-Pacific countries, where disposable income and consumer awareness regarding product ingredients are low and where distinguishing between natural-inspired and truly natural cosmetics is not as important when making a purchase.Continue reading

Beauty Market

Natural Segment Continues to Outpace the Overall Beauty Market

The natural and organic personal care market has registered double-digit growth for the sixth consecutive year since Kline began reporting the burgeoning segment separately in 2007. Now at nearly $30 billion in global sales at the manufacturers’ level, natural beauty has solidified its position as a mainstay in the industry and as much more than a passing fad.

Growing consumer awareness and increasing efficacy of natural personal care products continues to attract consumers who are looking to move away from chemically processed personal care products. Plant-based ingredients were once enough to entice consumers; today a product’s function and efficacy are now regarded as at least as important as the ingredient source by many consumers.Continue reading

Fall’s Beauty Regimens

Back to School, Back to Fall’s Beauty Regimens

During the summer, beauty routines may have lightened up a bit as the skin, hair, and nails are caressed by the sun’s rays and glow naturally thanks to a range of freshly available summer season fruits and vegetables. With the beginning of back to school and office time, the desire to look as beautiful this fall as in the summer is about to reinstate daily beauty routines and maybe add a few new products to the mix.Continue reading

Green Means Go for Beauty: Natural Personal Care Market Still Booms

Green Means Go for Beauty: Natural Personal Care Market Still Booms

At nearly $30 billion globally in sales, the green beauty concept perseveres. The positive progress of the natural cosmetics market in 2013 assured marketers that global consumers remain drawn towards this trend. Marketing investments, new product developments, and the efforts of certifying agencies such as BDiH, Cosmebio, and Natrue to shed better light on the transparency of ingredients used by marketers in their product manufacture have all contributed to the global increase in sales of natural cosmetics by 10.6% in 2013. While the growing demand of consumers opens new doors of opportunity for more marketers to become a part of the trend, the increased competition makes it more difficult to join the market with no risks. Natural cosmetics consumers are becoming more selective, conscious of their product choice, and take a greater interest in understanding the quality and origin of ingredients.
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The Beauty of Skin

The Beauty of Skin…Naturally: A Postcard from VIVANESS 2014

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the organic cosmetics industry trade show VIVANESS. Each year, the show’s host city Nuremberg welcomes natural beauty lovers, who can also satisfy their taste buds with the sampling of natural food novelties displayed at the sister show, BIOFACH.

The 2014 VIVANESS show surprised visitors with a myriad of novelties and trends, which are set to hit shelves this spring.Continue reading

At $29+ Billion, the Global Natural Personal Care Market is Naturally Strong

At $29+ Billion, the Global Natural Personal Care Market is Naturally Strong

Despite variable economic conditions, the natural personal care market continues to see strong growth, posting a healthy 10.6% increase globally to reach USD 29.5 billion at the manufacturers’ level in 2013. Brazil and particularly China are the fastest-growing natural personal care markets, with sales in China increasing nearly 24% in 2013 and slowly challenging the United States’ global market share.

Growth within mature markets, driven by the large number of brands present in the regions competing on products, price, and product efficacy, remains impressive as exemplified by a 7% increase in the United States and 6% in Europe.Continue reading

Natural Personal Care

Natural Personal Care Market: Where are the Budding Opportunities?

The global natural personal care market has been consistently flourishing; however, over the past five years, growth numbers have settled and many factors including a focus on new natural ingredients, the opening of new channels of distribution, and the general – and segment-advantageous – consumer movement demanding greater transparency in labeling. While growth within mature markets has stabilized, it remains encouragingly impressive as exemplified by a 7% increase in the United States and 6%in Europe. Other markets are managing even more promising numbers.Continue reading

Natural Personal Care Markets Flourishing in China and Japan

Natural Personal Care Markets Flourishing in China and Japan

While many countries have significant and growing natural cosmetics and toiletries markets, China and Japan represent two markets of particular interest and potential.

In 2013, the Chinese natural personal care is posting growth of almost 25%, fueled by a cultural reliance on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), increased – confidence-inspiring – transparency in product safety and health related matters, and growing affluence. TCM-based brands still dominate the market, but foreign competitors are starting to gain market share. Continue reading

Where Fertile Minds and Natural Markets Meet

Where Fertile Minds and Natural Markets Meet

Berlin, arguably one of the world’s trendsetting capitals, is hosting the Natural Cosmetics Conference through this week. Kline has been invited to participate in the keynote session Growing Core Markets and their Potential encompassing issues including:

  • Consumers: What are their buying motives?
  • Brands: Natural vs. natural-inspired vs. certified?
  • Potential: What moves the markets?Continue reading
Natural Products: OTC and Personal Care

Getting the Inside Data: Exceeding the Limits of Natural Personal Care Research

Over the past five years, the global natural personal care market has experienced strong growth across all major markets of the world, at a CAGR of about 11%. However, companies can no longer count on unbridled growth, and must dig deeper into how to influence new customers to buy natural products.

A previous Kline study from the Consumer Insights series, focused on consumer perceptions of innovations in personal care products, has shown that awareness of environmental responsibility is perceived as lacking in companies. Continue reading