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Artful Manicures and Natural Nail Polish Formulae are Indispensable in 2016

Another exciting year is predicted for the global professional nail care market, which continues to offer seasonal color collections, new textures, and more natural formulations, all delivered through creative marketing campaigns. While 2015 was all about the revolutionary long-wear nail polishes, which contributed to a significant portion of this market’s sales, 2016 brings innovation to the next level.

Mirroring the booming natural trend in the personal care and hair care markets, professional nail care marketers are now turning their attention towards improving product formulations to make them vegan, as well as free of parabens, formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene. Marketers are increasingly focused on being able to integrate “3-Free,” “5-Free,” and “7-Free” claims into their marketing campaigns.Continue reading

Professional Nail Care

Free Webinar – All Hands on the Trending Professional Nail Care Market

Innovations in gels, long-wear lacquers, and removal technology help the professional nail care market continue to shine. In 2014, the global market is estimated at nearly $1.2 billion, with positive growth forecasts and still untapped opportunities.

To learn more about this trending market, join Agnieszka Saintemarie, Kline’s Project Manager for Consumer Practice, for a free and insightful webinar on key findings from the recently published – Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief.Continue reading

ISSE Long Beach 2015 Photo credit: Professional Beauty Association

ISSE Long Beach 2015: It’s All About the Extras

Color, volume, texture, and more! Once again, the ISSE Long Beach show floor was brimming with fresh and previous exhibitors showing off their latest innovations and new product lines for the complex world of beauty. The aisles were bursting with industry representatives – hair stylists, nail stylists, and students galore, eager to see the latest product novelties. This year, the common theme throughout the show seemed to be the extras –hair extensions, nail accessories for any and every occasion, decked out hair appliances, and oodles of glittery headbands.Continue reading

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Solid and Polished – the Auspicious Landscape of the Professional Nail Care Market

Given the maturity of the cosmetics industry, it’s challenging to find a segment that shows double-digit growth these days. A true gem was uncovered in Kline’s first edition of Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief – a market estimated at nearly $1 billion in 2012 and posting a robust growth of over 25%, where developed markets, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, highly contributed to driving this growth. Even more interesting is the recession-proof nature of this market.

Where did such explosive growth come from? How did it happen? The key factors fueling market gains are fashion trends and consumers’ need to indulge in an affordable luxury.Continue reading

Tough As Nails - Polishing Off Another High Growth Year

Tough As Nails – Polishing Off Another High Growth Year

It was another tremendous year for nail polishes, with category sales up as much as 60% in select channels in 2011. Nail polish proved yet again to be the fastest growing category in the U.S. beauty industry for the third year in a row, and was the only category to register overall sales gains in the high double-digit range. Professional brands like Essie, OPI, and Sinful have gained significant distribution in the mass-market following their recent acquisitions by L’Oréal, Coty, and Revlon, respectively, helping to boost category sales. Continue reading