Beauty Market

Natural Segment Continues to Outpace the Overall Beauty Market

The natural and organic personal care market has registered double-digit growth for the sixth consecutive year since Kline began reporting the burgeoning segment separately in 2007. Now at nearly $30 billion in global sales at the manufacturers’ level, natural beauty has solidified its position as a mainstay in the industry and as much more than a passing fad.

Growing consumer awareness and increasing efficacy of natural personal care products continues to attract consumers who are looking to move away from chemically processed personal care products. Plant-based ingredients were once enough to entice consumers; today a product’s function and efficacy are now regarded as at least as important as the ingredient source by many consumers.Continue reading

Natural/Organic Trend is on the Rise

Positive Results from Negative Findings, Natural/Organic Trend is on the Rise

Despite the considerable amount of skepticism when it comes to natural and organic products, there is a segment of shoppers that might not be huge, but is loyal to buying these types of products. The categories with most loyal shoppers of natural or organic products are baby food, produce, dairy, and vitamins/supplements. According to The PULSE of Shopping Life: Natural & Organic report’s findings, two in three shoppers consider organic/natural products to be expensive. This fact is not surprising bearing in mind the adverse, long-standing economical climate. However, the finding that around one in three shoppers believe that organic/natural products are beneficial for themselves or the environment and many don’t even believe the label is the area where the potential of effective addressing shoppers’ doubts and confidence lies.Continue reading