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Immune Support Has Been Accelerated by the Pandemic

While prevention and boosting immunity have always been important tools in selfcare, since the COVID-19 pandemic started in the United States in March 2020, consumers have wholeheartedly embraced using various vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other products to ward off illness and help support their immune systems.  Immune support products can span multiple product types but typically include one or more of the following: 
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Independent OTC Companies

Independent OTC Companies Poised for Rapid Growth

The U.S. OTC market is characterized lately by slow, steady growth of anywhere from 1% to 3% annually.  There are small, independent companies, however, that have recently recorded double-digit sales growth.  These companies often outpace market growth by offering unique brands, uncommon and often natural ingredients, focused distribution, and a strong online presence, frequently combined with compelling digital marketing that resonates with today’s OTC consumers.  Identifying these market disruptors and learning the factors that make them resonate with consumers and retailers is crucial.Continue reading

OTC Cost Structures

Free Webinar – OTC Cost Structures Shift as the Face of the Industry Changes

Industry consolidation, major new brand launches, and a series of mergers and acquisitions in the U.S. OTC market have caused OTC cost structures to shift both in the near- and long-term. The costs associated with marketing, sales, and promotions of OTC brands tend to have wider swings from year to year, offset by administrative and R&D costs that tend to be more stable over time.Continue reading

Nonprescription Drugs USA

Another Prosperous Year for the Nonprescription Drugs Industry

Recently released data from our Nonprescription Drugs USA study shows that the U.S. nonprescription drugs industry posted moderate growth in 2014, recording revenue growth for the sixth consecutive year. Estimated at $24+ billion at the manufacturers’ level, the market climbs by 1.4% from 2013 to 2014. Out of the seven product classes we track, five posted growth, with upper respiratory, digestive products, and feminine products moving at a faster pace.

Among the key factors supporting the market’s growth are the sales and shares increases from select switch brands, such as Pfizer’s Nexium 24HR, which drove solid growth in the digestive products category, as well as the launch of Sanofi’s Nasacort 24HR, which generated healthy gains in the allergy category.Continue reading

U.S. Nonprescription Drugs Industry

Healthy Growth of the U.S. Nonprescription Drugs Industry Projected to Continue

Findings from the recently published Nonprescription Drugs USA study show positive signs of growth for the 2013 U.S. OTC market. Compared to 2012 when the market had flat sales performance, 2013 recorded healthy growth of 3.0% to reach $23.5 billion at the manufacturers’ level. The market is driven by the strong performance of several brands including Novartis’ Excedrin and Johnson & Johnson’s Tylenol and Motrin IB, as well as the continuous strong sales performance coming from nutritional brands, such as Vitafusion (Church & Dwight), Centrum (Pfizer), and Schiff (Reckitt Benckiser).Continue reading

Sales Resurgence of U.S. OTCs in 2013 Helps the Market Overcome Flat Sales Performance of the Past

Sales Resurgence of U.S. OTCs in 2013 Helps the Market Overcome Flat Sales Performance of the Past

According to Kline’s Nonprescription Drugs USA  study, the U.S. OTC market grew over 3.0% during 2013 to reach $23.5 billion at the manufacturers’ level.  Driven by strong sales gains in analgesics, upper respiratory, nutritional, and topical products, the market appears to be showing signs of recovery. This is partly due to the long-awaited rejuvenation of several brands that have posted steep declines in the recent past as a result of supply disruptions and recalls. Brands such as Novartis’ Excedrin and Johnson & Johnson’s Tylenol and Motrin IB have experienced strong gains in 2013 thereby helping the analgesics category to post very strong gains this past year while Pfizer’s Advil, Bayer’s Aleve, and private-label analgesics also posted gains in 2013. Continue reading

Nutritional products create buzz with several M&A deals in the OTC Market

Nutritional products create buzz with several M&A deals in the OTC market

The overall OTC market has not shown much excitement as of late, especially with low to no growth, manufacturing plant shut downs and brand recalls.  However, in the nutritional products segment of the market, there is rapid growth and excitement and there have been several high profile acquisitions in this space recently showing that many companies are moving into this area in order to bolster their traditional OTC businesses. In late 2012, Reckitt Benckiser and Bayer dueled for Schiff with Reckitt Benckiser the victor after bidding over $1 billion for the maker of MoveFree.Continue reading

U.S. OTC Market Posts Solid Growth in 2011 Driven by Rx-to-OTC Switches and Marketing

U.S. OTC Market Posts Solid Growth in 2011 Driven by Rx-to-OTC Switches and Marketing

From 2010 to 2011, the U.S. OTC drug market posted a gain of 2.4% from $20.9 billion in 2010 to $21.4 billion in 2011 at the manufacturers’ level. The fastest growing categories include allergy relief products, which grew 16.3% in 2011 aided by the market launch of Rx-to-OTC switch brand Allegra (Sanofi-Aventis) and the strong growth of private-label allergy relief products. Past Rx-to-OTC switch brands continue to perform well with Rogaine (Johnson & Johnson) and Plan B (Teva Pharmaceutical), both posting strong gains in the hair regrowth products and contraceptives markets, respectively.

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