Opportunities for Growth in Analgesics

Recent Growth Drivers in Analgesics

In what is normally a slowgrowing category in the 0.5%-3.0% range for yearoveryear performance, the internal analgesics category witnessed much strongerthanaverage growth rates in 2020. Consumers stocked up on pain relievers and fever reducers to be prepared for coronavirus. The overall internal analgesics category witnessed sales growth of more than 6.0%, with the Tylenol brand up nearly 40% and Motrin IB (both by Johnson & Johnson) up nearly 100% compared to 2019 sales. Continue reading

Pain Relief Options

Brand Comebacks and Pain Devices Drive Sales of Analgesics

Chronic pain continues to be an area consumers seek to treat with a variety of methods including prescription drugs, OTC medications, topical rubs, and pain management devices.  The increasing U.S. aging population will continue to generate the demand for pain relief products. Seniors increasingly seek to mitigate pain associated with old age and sedentary lifestyles, thereby increasing sales. The baby boomer population is the most rapidly increasing age segment in the United States, with an estimated 23% of the population reaching 55 years of age in 2015. The physically active baby boomer generation is concerned about maintaining health and wellness, far more so than previous generations.Continue reading