Global Biopesticides: An Overview of Natural and Microbial Pesticides

Accounting for Less than 5% of the Global Crop Protection Market in 2014, Bio-pesticides Expand Rapidly

Driven in part by societal concerns and in part by regulations, the bio-pesticides market, once a domain of a niche specialty for organic fruit, greenhouse, and environmentally sensitive homeowner uses, is emerging to a much broader scope. In 2014, the market grows rapidly, posting double-digit growth, according to the recently published Global Biopesticides: An Overview of Natural and Microbial Pesticides report by global market research and consulting firm, Kline.

At $1.6 billion, the biopesticide segment of the market is still less than 5% of the global crop protection industry, but is projected to increase its share over the next 10 years. All countries are projected to grow in the double digits or high single digits during this period. The main driver behind current growth is the advent of microbial seed treatments on field crops, such as corn, soybeans, and cotton.Continue reading

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Crop Protection Industry Sales Remain Strong in 2013, According to Kline

Affected by prolonged rainfall, weed resistance issues, and higher manufacturing costs the U.S. crop protection industry remained strong in 2013, posting an 8.2% increase over the previous year. Net manufacturers’ sales within the crop protection industry total $9.2 billion, according to the recently published Crop Protection Manufacturers Report: A Strategic Market Analysis of the U.S. Crop Protection Industry by worldwide consulting and research firm Kline & Company.

In anticipation of a healthy planting season, corn growers purchased high inventories of herbicides but excessive spring wetness in the Corn Belt and throughout the country caused almost 2 million acres to remain fallow and deferred spring planting, forcing some corn growers to switch to short maturity soybean varieties. The wet conditions reduced insect pressure, causing the insecticide segment to decline at a double-digit percentage while promoting disease pressure and modestly increasing fungicide sales. However, many growers halted or did not start fungicide applications as the wet weather was soon replaced by the summer time droughts. The plant growth regulators segment declines slightly as it heavily targets the cotton markets where acres planted decrease almost 16% in 2013. Continue reading

China’s Pest Management Market Infested with Opportunity

Not the Year of the Rat – China’s Pest Management Market Infested with Opportunity

An increasing focus on encouraging domestic consumption, potentiated by upcoming new and transformative pesticides registration standards, suggests robust opportunities for the pest-control sector in China. China’s reorientation from an industrial/export-reliant economy to a service/domestic-consumption one is advancing rapidly, with The Economist recently reporting that the country’s relatively small service-sector output is expected to exceed the county’s mighty industrial production within this year.

According to Kline’s soon to be published Global Professional Pest Management Markets for Pesticides: Market Analysis and Opportunities, total non-agricultural pest control service sales in China in 2012 alone are estimated at CNY 3 billion to CNY 4 billion (USD  476 million to USD 635 million), with pesticides sales expected to grow annually by 6.7%.Continue reading

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WEBINAR: Pesticides and Fertilizers 2010: U.S. Industrial Vegetation Management and Consumer Markets

Kline’s Specialty Pesticide Practice Senior Associate Mancer Cyr, will discuss key highlights from Kline’s recently completed research studies on Industrial Vegetation Management Pesticides and Fertilizers 2010: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities and Consumer Markets for Pesticides and Fertilizers 2010: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities in a Web conference, followed by a live question and answer session. REGISTERContinue reading

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Kline Predicts Strong Market for Food Service Pest Control Despite Weak Economy

The market for pest control products and services in U.S. food-handling establishments remains quite strong despite one of the worst economic recessions in recent history. In this inaugural issue of Kline’s Agriculture practice newsletter, we’ll take a look at how the industry has fared during the past 12 months, as well as some strategies that suppliers and service providers may use to leverage the demand for pest control in restaurants, commercial and institutional kitchens, warehouses, and food processors. More…