The best case scenario for the professional nail care market is a forecast CAGR of 3.9% through 2025.

Getting the Professional Nail Care Industry Back on Track

Unlike other professional beauty segments, the professional nail care market may still see a spike in sales thanks to nail polishes and care categories, which consumers turn to for a treat and/or to maintain or establish a part of their routine they can still control. Our recently published Professional Nail Care: Post-COVID Forecast report forecasts a CAGR of 3.9%  through 2025 in the best-case scenario compared to the previously projected CAGR of 3.0% through 2023. Gels, the leading category, is expected to be the best-performing category with a CAGR higher than the market average in all three scenario forecasts. Nail polishes, the worst-performing category pre-COVID-19, is expected to emerge as the second best-performing category even in the worst-case scenario.Continue reading

Coty to sell its professional beauty division

How Would Coty’s Professional Beauty Brands Look on You?

Wella and its sister brands are on the block again after Coty’s recent announcement regarding its plans to sell its professional beauty division. Ranking #2 in the global professional hair care market, according to Kline’s Salon Hair Care Global Series, makes Coty an attractive business to potential buyers. Drawing on 60 years of knowledge in the beauty industry, Kline analyzes some of its staple brands in the professional hair care segment as well as the potential new owners of them.Continue reading

Professional Nail Care

Nail Enhancements Run the Show Globally

Driven by the solid performance of the nail enhancements category, the professional nail care market continues to gain traction, with 2018 being the best-performing one in the past five years. Other factors contributing to its 8% growth in 2018 include increased emphasis on education and training, new and innovative products, digitalization, and beauty salons expanding their service menus.Continue reading

Nail Enhancements Point Toward Upswing

Nail Enhancements Point Toward Upswing

The year 2018 has proven to be another strong year for the nail enhancements category, although it was powered by the new segment of sculpting hybrid gels or poly-acrylic gels as opposed to dipping powders, which was the big rage behind the category’s growth in 2017. That said, it is worth mentioning that dipping powders continued to enjoy popularity in 2018. However, the growth was not as phenomenal as 2017, as the segment witnesses saturation with most of the marketers already offering a dipping powder system as a part of their portfolio. The only novelty evident for dipping powders is that of marketers introducing new shades as a part of their seasonal collections.

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Local Professional Brands Flood Beauty Forum Munich

Local Professional Brands Flood Beauty Forum Munich

Beauty Forum Munich is one of Germany’s biggest cosmetic fairs. This year, more than 1,180 exhibitors attended the event to showcase their latest product innovations in professional skin and nail care. With the upcoming publication of our Professional Skin Care Global Series and Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief reports, both covering the dynamic German market, the event is one we couldn’t miss.Continue reading

Are Dipping Powders Here to Stay?

Are Dipping Powders Here to Stay?

While 2017 was a revolutionary year in the comeback of dipping powders and the introduction of a new form of sculpting gels packaged in tubes, 2018 seems to be rather quiet in terms of innovation. Some marketers are waiting to capitalize on their profits with their newly introduced product lines across these two product forms, while others are still evaluating their success.

The dipping powder trend picked up toward the end of 2016 and continues to be a mainstay in 2018, with most established and smaller brands now including it in their portfolio. Continue reading

Professional Beauty in Asia and the Middle East

New Horizons for Professional Beauty Marketers – Asia and the Middle East

Asia, which is important in size, but extremely fragmented with hundreds of local players having some important advantages over international brands, has nevertheless continued to attract foreign companies in terms of both professional hair care and nail care products. The region is the second largest after Europe when it comes to the salon hair care market, accounting for almost 30% of the global sales of professional hair care products. The three giants of Japan, China, and South Korea have experienced sluggish growth recently, and there are many smaller markets where sales show much higher dynamics. Among them, India leads the way with continuous double-digit growth. In fact, India has shown a compound annual growth rate in terms of salon hair care sales of 17% between 2011 and 2016, whereas Asia’s overall growth during that period has averaged to only 2.5%. Because the Asian market’s growth is driven by these smaller markets, such as India, our 2017 edition of Salon Hair Care Global Series will take a deeper look at 12 markets in Asia!Continue reading

Professional Nail Care

Upcoming Webinar: A Peek Inside the Latest Dynamics in Professional Nail Care

The global professional nail care market enjoys another year of dynamic growth. Long-wear nail polishes continues to be the most dynamic category in the global professional nail care market, up by over 100% and thus doubling its size in 2016.

Consumers’ growing concern for maintaining healthy nails fuels growth in the care products category. Multi-functional products are here to stay, while men’s visits to nail salons are increasing more than ever, leading to the opening of some new doors exclusive to men.

Join this informative webinar on key findings from our recently published Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief report to learn about:Continue reading

Professional Nail Care

Hybrid Products and Treatments Nailed it Again

The global professional nail care market continues to enjoy another year of dynamic growth of over 5%, on par with 2015’s market growth. Nail enhancements, our newest addition to the recently published edition of our Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief report, represents approximately 10% of this market, witnessing an uptick in sales, mainly driven by the comeback of the dipping powder systems. Several new entrants abound this category, such as Tammy Taylor Prizmatic Powder Coat Nail System, Kiara Sky Dip System, Kiara Sky Dip System, and Entity Dip & Buff System towards the end of 2016.Continue reading