Barbers in Europe

Barbers in Europe – The Return of Masculinity and Tradition

Products for men have shown substantial growth over the last few years, increasing well above the overall global salon hair care market, which grows by almost 4% in 2015. Experiencing an over 7% global increase in 2015, the products for men segment is more vibrant than ever, contributing to a good portion of the salon hair care market’s sales.

The growth in men-specific concepts comes mainly from the service side, as many markets around the globe are seeing the revival of traditional barbershops. The barbershop movement is not very common in key professional hair care markets like Latin America or North America, but particularly strong in European countries. Continue reading

Cosmoprof Bologna 2016

Cosmoprof Bologna 2016 Covered Hair from A to Z

Visitors of the 49th edition of Cosmoprof Bologna in Italy, the largest beauty trade show held in Europe, were not disappointed after exploring the latest market offerings from the beauty industry in 2016. While the show focuses on all aspects of beauty treatments from head to toe, this year’s edition seemed to highlight professional hair care for men and the world’s phenomenon of “plexes.”

From cutting, trimming, coloring, to braiding, conditioning, and styling, show attendees could simply enjoy the art of hairdressing embracing both the traditional and non-traditional tools of the trade. These ranged from simple shavers to the latest innovation in the form of a hair regrowth laser used in salons or at home. Continue reading

The Professional Hair Care Market for Black Consumers

Three Things You Didn’t Know About the Professional Hair Care Market for Black Consumers

With years of experience monitoring various professional hair care markets across the globe, we are completing this picture with a close-up view of the growing market for professional hair care products dedicated to black consumers. By analyzing this compelling market segment, we’ve come to realize that the market differs in many ways from what we’ve been used to observing in our annual Salon Hair Care Global Series report.

As North America celebrates “Black History Month” in February, we believe it is a good opportunity to spread the word about the growing and yet different hair care needs of black consumers. Let’s take a closer look at three facts that make this market so special:Continue reading

`Salon Hair Care Global Series

Hair Treatments and Scalp Care Products Driving Growth in the Global Salon Hair Care Market

Newly released data from Kline’s Salon Hair Care Global Series shows that 2014 has been another good year for the global salon hair care market with almost 3% growth. For the first time in three years, Europe shows a positive sales performance. Although Spain and Italy are still lagging behind, Eastern European markets, such as Russia or Turkey, experience double-digit growth, boosting the entire region.

Conditioners is by far the fastest growing category globally, due to a surge in treatment product sales. Feeding the upward growth is a completely new breed of bond multiplier products sparked by the launch of Olaplex. This product can be used as an add-on during a coloring service to reduce breakage or as a standalone treatment to repair and condition the hair and has already generated several copycats.Continue reading