Acne Remedies

New Acne Elimination Switches and Devices Heat Up the OTC Market

The U.S. OTC market has enjoyed solid momentum in recent years, increasing far beyond the typical 2% to 3% annual growth it used to experience. Strong advertising and promotional investments, several new products, and Rx-to-OTC switch brands, as well as the steady distribution of major brands that had been off the market for several years, have helped propel the market beyond regular growth.

Lately, we’ve seen several alternative sources of competition for traditional OTCs that are emerging. Self-care devices, which have been around for many years in the beauty realm, are now entering OTC categories. TENS technology is being used in the topical analgesics market, while low light technology is seen in new devices that treat hair loss, cold sores, and even allergies. Bayer, which markets Aleve Direct Therapy TENS device for lower back pain, and Sanofi, with its Icy Hot TENS device, are among the new market entrants in this space.Continue reading

TENS Devices

Does TENS Technology Impact the U.S. OTC Industry?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) technology has existed for over 50 years, but such devices have only been in the consumer marketplace since 2006-2007. Today, over 500 manufacturers of TENS products are registered with the FDA, and this number continues to increase. Innovation, convenience, and the ease of use of TENS devices, coupled with consumers’ increasing demand for non-drug options to prevent and alleviate pain, have helped boost sales of such devices.

The introduction of Sanofi’s Icy Hot TENS device in November 2014 had a big impact on this market segment, resulting in a 15% sales increase. Backed by an intensive marketing campaign, wide retail distribution through drug store chains and mass retailers, and a moderate price point of about $40.00-$50.00, this game-changer device helped increase Sanofi’s sales by more than 20%, as well as taking the leading spot in the at-home TENS devices market in the United States.Continue reading

Beauty and Healthcare Devices

Consumers are Incorporating Self-care and Beauty Devices into their Daily Lives

As the beauty and nonprescription drug markets evolve, new and innovative devices offer competition to traditional and well-established brands. Historically, when consumers desired treatment for minor pain or allergies, conventional wisdom had them buying OTC medications to help their symptoms subside. While oral analgesics and oral and nasal allergy remedies continue to be large consumer markets, new device technologies offer consumers innovative ways to treat themselves using drug-free options. The growth rates for some of these new devices are a testament to the interest consumers have in using non-drug treatment options, coupled with a thirst for incorporating new technologies into their daily lives.Continue reading