Professional Skin Care

Professional Skin Care Consumer Misconceptions Debunked

The U.S. volume of the first edition of Kline’s Professional Skin Care: Global Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors Survey is now published, revealing insights that are anticipated but also equally surprising. Ahead, we debunk common misconceptions about professional skin care consumers as well as the professional skin care market based on the survey’s results. Here are the top five:Continue reading

Beauty Devices China

China Registers Spectacular Sales Growth, Driving Global Beauty Devices Market Upward

Of the five key markets examined in our freshly published Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report, China delivers a true standout performance, registering stellar growth of 71% in 2017. From the powerful Internet channel to the keen marketing program and pricing behind Foreo, the beauty devices market in China is driven by a variety of forces. Sales through the Internet have more than doubled in one year only and now account for just under 60% of total market sales. Some of the prominent e-commerce sites driving this growth include, Tmall,, Xiaohongshu, and VIP.comContinue reading

Professional Skin Care Roundup

Professional Skin Care Roundup

Physician Dispense Survey Results are in, Aesthetic Procedures Skyrocket, and Coverage Expands to UAE!

Our coverage of the multi-faceted market for topical and nonsurgical aesthetic products hits a high note this year according to our report findings. From the fast growth of professional skin care products in the medical care providers channel to the booming demand for in-office procedures, these segments continue to be fruitful for market stalwarts, as well as relative newcomers.

As marketers fight to stay on top in the fast-paced world of professional skin care and working with aesthetic physicians, it is important to take stock. This month, we will publish our Physician-dispensed Skin Care: U.S. Perception and Satisfaction Survey, which offers an unbiased view point of what dispensing physicians find most important from the brands they offer their patients.Continue reading

Skin Care Path to Purchase: Global Consumer Insights from Millennials to Boomers

The Changing Face of Skin Care: From Millennials to Boomers

Understanding why consumers choose one skin care approach over another or opt to purchase products from one venue over another is crucial for marketers in today’s complex environment with so many options. Complementing our long-running report series on the global at-home beauty devices and professional skin care markets, our research now turns to this current and imperative beauty topic with Skin Care Path to Purchase: Global Consumer Insights from Millennials to Boomers.

In the following interview, Karen Doskow, Kline’s Director of Consumer Products Practice, gives her perspective on why this new report is so unique to the market and how it can help marketers stand out in the challenging and busy world of skin care.Continue reading

Professional Skin Care Global Series

Professional Skin Care Markets in Europe and China Fight Signs of Aging

After experiencing a lackluster performance in 2013, the professional skin care market in Europe shows signs of recovery, posting a 5% average growth through 2015. An increasing number of consumers embracing healthier lifestyle choices and spending more on wellness and fitness has had a positive impact on take-home and in-salon treatments, which have been on the rise.

Germany and the United Kingdom continue to be market drivers, while southern countries, such as Spain and Italy, which posted sharp declines in 2013, have also begun to turn around.  The Russian market remains strong despite the country’s political and economical crisis.Continue reading

The At-home Beauty Devices Market in Asia

Investments Pay Off for Beauty Device Brands in Asia

High returns are rewarded to the majority of at-home beauty device firms that had the foresight to enter Asia, finds Kline’s just published Asia reports on China, Japan, and South Korea from Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities. Asia’s sales growth for the beauty devices market outpaces the United States and Europe, growing much higher than the industry average, increasing by over 29% in 2014.

New product launches are plentiful throughout the region, helping to fuel overall sales growth. A large number of the newly launched devices in China target skin cleansing. For instance, Kingdom, a leading local brand, launches a popular heat-based cleansing device in spring 2014. In Japan, MTG launches its new ReFa ACTIVE, while YA-MAN expands its portfolio by launching new devices targeting hair removal and anti-aging. Philips introduces its first cleansing device for men called VisaPure Men in South Korea in 2014.Continue reading

La Lumière's illuMask

Wearable Devices and Elegant Lasers Invigorate the At-home Beauty Devices Market

Inspired by professional technologies like lasers and the first-ever wearable mask devices, new products help fuel consumer interest and the at-home beauty devices market, which globally increases by nearly 14% in 2014, reveals our recently released Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities study. The market continues to be remarkably dynamic, nearly doubling in size since first tracked globally in 2014.

One of the most unique launches comes from newcomer La Lumière with its illuMask brand of wearable LED light masks. Available in two varieties—Anti-Acne and Anti-Aging—and at an affordable $29.95 price tag, illuMask caters to the mass market, which has, until now, lacked traction.Continue reading

Skin Care from Head to Toe

Skin Care from Head to Toe: All at the 24th ISPA Conference & Expo Show

Skin care experts and enthusiasts converged at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas to attend The International Spa Association‘s annual conference last week. The show’s mantra focused on creativity in aspects of spa business, from ideation to the presentation of products.

The exhibition opening was celebrated with a vibrant introduction from the University of Las Vegas’ drum line. When the exhibit hall doors opened, there were brightly lit booths where spa directors and line representatives sampled the newest products, reviewed line sheets, and placed orders.Continue reading

Finding the Gems in the Global Market for Professional Skin Care Products

Finding the Gems in the Global Market for Professional Skin Care Products

In 2013, the global professional skin care market performed at its best, posting moderate growth to reach almost $6 billion. Findings from our recently published Professional Skin Care Global Series: Market Analysis and Opportunities reveal that among the reasons behind this growth are solid gains in four emerging markets representing gems of opportunities for beauty marketers – Indonesia, Thailand, Poland, and Russia.

An improved level of treatment services and equipment used by skin care professionals, as well as rising disposable income, leads to consumers flocking to the professional sector for treatment of their skin care concerns.Continue reading

Skin Care Physicians

Dispensing Skin Care Physicians Moving Up to the Next Level

Almost one-fourth of dispensing physicians generate over 15% of their revenue from the sales of skin care products. Nearly three-fourths of dispensing physicians want to increase this proportion in 2014 finds Kline’s survey based on hundreds of in-depth interviews with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical spas that sell professional skin care products to their patients. The survey pinpoints which factors are most important when doctors deliberate whether to continue, eliminate, or adopt a new brand.

Contrary to popular belief, the strongest performance scores do not belong to the most renowned brands in the industry, but to medium-sized brands, some of which are relative newcomers. Continue reading