Best of Beauty in 2016

Taking a Look Back at the Best of Beauty in 2016

As we enter 2017, we wanted to share with you our most appreciated initiatives through 2016. We covered an array of new trends from bond builders in the global salon hair care market to barbershop trends in Europe. We continued our coverage of the dynamic and important markets through our well-regarded report series: Beauty Devices Global, Natural Personal Care Global, Professional Skin Care Global, Salon Hair Care Global, and Professional Nail Care Global. We also expanded our portfolio to cover the fast growing channel of boutique beauty retailers in four dynamic markets, as well as one of the most talked about trends in the United States—Korean beauty. We also introduced our legendary Cosmetics & Toiletries USA in a new and interactive format to enhance your experience while browsing this insightful study, which is often called the “industry bible” by industry professionals.Continue reading

Professional Skin Care

The Growing Business of Dispensing Skin Care

Dispensing skin care continues to be attractive to physicians in the United States as the number of physicians dispensing skin care products increases in 2016, especially among medical spas and other physicians. As the demand for cosmetic procedures continues to increase, physicians typically recommend take-home skin care products to be used in combination with procedures to increase the benefits or reduce the side effects of procedures. However, dispensing skin care products have been a tradition/mainstay mainly for dermatologists and plastic surgeons as over 40% of both these physician types, respectively, have been dispensing skin care products for over 10 years, according to Kline’s soon-to-be-published Physician-dispensed Skin Care: Perception and Satisfaction Survey.Continue reading

Tattoo Removal Products and Services USA

Skin Rejuvenation: From Tattoo Removal to Fine Lines

Getting a tattoo is no longer a lifetime commitment with the new removal techniques available. During a tattoo, ink permeates the skin to varying degrees. Depending on the color, depth of the needle, and the type of ink used, tattoos can look fresh and vibrant for long periods of time. However, what happens when the ink fades and the customer is left with a faded, blurry unappealing mark? The options are limited to having the tattoo covered, redone, or removed. In this day and age of millennials, blemished skin is no longer an option.

Technology has finally caught up to the way artists “sling ink” for removal. Various fade creams have always touted the ability to help remove or pull out the ink. However, laser removal has advanced to the point that, in most cases, tattoos can be completely removed, but, this option is not without substantial pain and cost.Continue reading

Professional Skin Care

Small, but Mighty: A Look at the Professional Skin Care Markets in Brazil and Canada

The professional skin care markets in Brazil and Canada can be considered small when compared to the U.S. and European markets; however, these markets post strong growth in both countries, increasing by over 5% and 10%, respectively, in 2015. Sai Swaroop, our professional skin care expert, reveals some interesting particularities about these small, but very dynamic countries for professional skin care products.Continue reading

Salon Hair Care

Big Opportunities for Small Players in the Canadian Salon Hair Care Market

The Canadian salon hair care market can be characterized by small, but steady growth, the dominance of leading multi-national companies, and stiff competition—not only among the large market-movers, but also the emerging independent brands making their presence notable in the industry. In the following interview, Naira Aslanian, Project Manager for Kline’s Consumer Products Practice, reveals some interesting facts about this market from the soon-to-be-published Salon Hair Care Global Series: Market Analysis and Opportunities.Continue reading

Cosmetics & Toiletries USA

Top Trends of Cosmetics and Toiletries

Drawing upon on our new and exciting feature, a complimentary highlights report that comes with subscription to our annual Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report, we’ve selected several trends to watch out for as we enter 2016.

  1. The rise of consumerism and expression of individualism

The beauty industry projects a further rise in consumerism and expression of individualism. The unique needs of consumers are addressed by marketers who offer personalized solutions and custom-made products.Continue reading

Professional Skin Care

What’s the Current Pulse of the Professional Skin Care Markets in Europe and the United States?

Drawing on our freshly published Professional Skin Care: U.S. and Europe reports, Kline’s professional beauty and personal care experts answer five essential questions regarding the current state of this market.

1. What are the most important changes you have seen in the professional skin care market in 2015?

The professional skin care market in the United States continues to consolidate with Unilever acquiring Dermalogica and Murad, two leading brands in the spas and salons channel. A new online platform called RegimenMD is launched, helping plastic surgeons and dermatologists legitimately sell their products online and simultaneously eliminate online diversion.Continue reading

Patchology Energizing Eye Patches

The Top Five Biggest Trends in the U.S. Beauty Devices Market

Over the past few years, the beauty devices market in the United States has made some bold moves. Since 2010, when we first started covering this market, its size has almost doubled! Today, beauty devices is the fastest growing beauty and personal care market and continuously surprises us with its high-speed developments and vibrant opportunities.

With the publication of the latest edition of our Beauty Devices: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities report, let’s take a look at the top five biggest trends that took hold in 2015 and will continue to gain steam through 2016:Continue reading

The 25th Annual ISPA Conference & Expo

Focus on Naturals as the 25th Annual ISPA Conference & Expo Convenes

The International Spa Association (ISPA) held its annual conference on October 19-21 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Professionals from all spa industry sectors gathered to connect with each other, gain insight and inspiration, as well as to celebrate the industry’s continued growth. Over 220 companies offering the latest spa products and services available on the market were present while the theme for this year’s conference was ”explore,” with many seminars focusing around the idea.Continue reading

Professional Skin Care Global Series

China, the Hidden Dragon of the Professional Skin Care Market

China, Europe, and the United States are three of the world’s leading markets for professional skin care products. While Europe surprised everyone with the strongest growth it had experienced in the past six years, China managed to maintain growth and the status of the largest of these markets despite the current economic slowdown and challenging political conditions, registering growth across all distribution channels in 2014, finds our recently completed Professional Skin Care Global Series: Market Analysis and Opportunities.

The three culturally-distinct regions highlight that social, ethnic, and environmental factors play an undeniable role in shaping consumer preferences and behavior in the market, and therefore each market is unique, offering distinct growth pockets.Continue reading