Boutique Beauty Retailers

Specialty Stores Continue to Shine as New Formats Emerge

According to our recently published Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report, specialty store sales grow at a rate of about 11% in contrast to the overall market’s growth of approximately 4%. This is no surprise considering all of the activity that has taken place, from Sephora’s new TIP initiative to the opening of 100 new and larger Ulta stores from 2014-2015. Brands are also finding that opening their own flagship and subsequent free-standing boutiques in the United States and abroad helps personalize and connect a customer to a brand. Ultimately, this creates a unique brand experience and fortifies the growth of a beauty brand in a highly competitive environment.Continue reading

Beauty Retailing USA: Alternate Channel Monitor

Kline Continues to Monitor the Changing Face of Beauty Retailing With an Enhanced Service

The recently published inaugural edition of Beauty Retailing USA: Alternate Channel Monitor covering the period from January 2014 to June 2014 finds that consumer purchasing from social media is finally becoming more of a reality. This use of beacon technology is increasing in specialty stores, and lipsticks are selling nearly as much as skin care products through mobile technologies. This service will be updated every six months to provide marketers with the regular insights and dynamics on the ever-evolving alternate channels like direct sales and specialty stores.Continue reading

Retail’s Power Players

Retail’s Power Players – An Evening at the CEW Newsmaker Forum

It was a chilly New York evening, but inside the Harmonie Club at the CEW’s Newsmaker Forum last Wednesday, November 19th, the topic was hot. With Kline’s Kristy Altenburg and Donna Barson among the sold-out crowd, Mary Dillon, Ulta Beauty’s Chief Executive Officer, and Sona Chawla, Walgreen Co.’s President of Digital and CMO, spoke about their business models and winning in beauty. Both women cited technology as a major force that continues to change the state of their businesses, and both are investing in technological infrastructure to enhance the purchasing experience in an omni-channel way, so that their shopper has the same type of experience both in and out of store.Continue reading

Beauty Retailing

Fasten Your Seatbelts for the Beauty Retailing Roller Coaster

Findings from our Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report reveal that department stores, along with specialty stores, experienced exceptional growth in 2013, while direct sales outlets or channel squeaked by with an estimated growth of 1%. Our biennial Beauty Retailing USA (coming in 2015) report digs deeper into the retail landscape, explaining what growth patterns really mean within the channels of distribution.

This report will explain that there is more in channel growth than  meets the eye, with many different elements to each channel. For example, if we break up the direct sales channel into its various components, we would see that the person-to-person selling portion experienced dramatic declines due to Avon’s poor performance, while the smaller e-commerce, home shopping, and infomercial channels recorded healthy gains. Continue reading