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Beauty Indies: Analysis of Brands to Watch

Beauty Indies: Analysis of Brands to Watch


Regional Coverage: United States

Base Year: 2022
China, Europe: Published Q3 2022
United States: Published Q3 2022

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Base Year: 2023
To be Published: Q4 2023

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Indie beauty brands exist in every category and vary in positioning, pricing strategy, and distribution. These independent, innovative, and purposeful brands are strong acquisition targets for global beauty companies. Recording staggering growth, these privately owned brands are outpacing the total beauty market growth by offering unique product and ingredient stories, combined with compelling digital marketing that resonates with today’s beauty consumers.​


  • Industry disruptors that are not owned by a large cosmetics company or corporate giant, have a unique selling proposition, and are experiencing dramatic growth
  • All key beauty and personal care product classes—fragrances, hair care, makeup, skin care, and toiletries
  • All consumer channels where beauty products are sold—e-commerce, department stores, mass outlets, professional outlets, and specialty stores

25 Brand Profiles

Table of Contents


Key Takeaways

An analysis of 25 brands, including information such as:

  • Key trends and developments
  • Historical industry acquisition timelines and recent buyouts
  • Most likely acquisition targets
  • Outlook

Brand Profiles

Profiles of approximately 25 brands in the United States as shown in Table 1, each of which include:

  • Brand DNA and overview
  • Sales and growth evolution
  • Key success factors
  • Forecast sales through 2028
  • Future initiatives
  • Product offerings and claims
  • Bestsellers and key new launches
  • Distribution 
  • Key marketing channels and activities
  • Sustainability initiatives


DIME Beauty Merit
Dossier Nécessaire
Dr. Squatch Osea
Good Molecules
Pura D’Or
Haus Labs Rare Beauty
IGK Hair Refy
K18 Saie
Lume Westman Atelier


Report Benefits

This report will provide pertinent information on compelling indie brands that are helping shape today’s beauty industry. While they may be small in terms of sales value, these brands have the potential to become tomorrow’s billion-dollar buyouts. The report will:​

  • Assess independent brands that are outpacing beauty industry growth
  • Provide an understanding of products and concepts that resonate with today’s consumers​
  • Identify potential acquisition candidates and/or local partners

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