Covid -19 Impact

[TREND 31] The COVID Revolution

Covid -19 Impact

The year 2020 is defined by the economic and social disruption caused by COVID-19 and the changes it triggered. The pandemic has weakened economies and deteriorated business structures; the gap between winners and losers has widened dramatically. The winners passed the test of viability. They used the disruption as an opportunity to make their networks more resilient, dared to aspire to more ambitious sustainability goals, utilized innovation and technological advances, and delivered online and on-demand services.​ ​

At a more fundamental level, the pandemic made us realize the fragility of human life. The fear of proximity to the virus and the lack of manpower created by the virus pushed us to use technology in its many forms like never before. Being a well-established part of industrial manufacturing, robots have now made forays into other segments such as agriculture, energy, healthcare, hospitality, and travel.​

While sheltering in place at home, we were forced to reflect on our habits, which raised our desire for healthier and more sustainable living choices. Distancing policies moved us further online and created remote work, school, and even exercise environments.​

Reflecting on #klinetrends conveyed in the past 30 days, we have seen the interconnectedness and convergence of trends and influences across countries and industries like never before. This year heightened the need for foresight and agility in how we collect information about the world and how we connect the dots to make decisions. At Kline, we will use these lessons to become a better insight partner for our focus industries to help you all navigate the road ahead, wherever it takes us. While some things will come back as they were, looking ahead, we expect major changes, with the new decade and era impelled and characterized by the impact of COVID-19.​ Despite clear challenges, we choose to look ahead with hope and want to help our clients rebuild better than ever.

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