Turf and Ornamental Pesticides Markets

Turf and Ornamental Pesticides Markets Hold Steady, Despite COVID-Related Disruptions

Among the sectors most severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic are the leisure and entertainment industries. These industries feature several key market segments that are part of the turf and ornamental pesticides markets, including golf coursesparks, and sports fields, as well as the floriculture market. Despite the pandemicrelated lockdown policies, which had dramatic effects on many segments, pesticide applications continued to keep the market valued at over USD 1 billionreveals Kline’s justpublished Professional Turf and Ornamental: Markets for Pesticides and Fertilizers study. The report focuses primarily on sales of pesticides used in golf courses and other lawn care, and horticultural nurseries and greenhouses across 12 key country markets. To gain key insights and data about this market, REQUEST RECORDING taking place on February 4, 2021. 

While lockdowns limited the use of public gathering areas including golf courses, greenskeepers primarily chose to continue pesticide treatments as scheduled to maintain aesthetics and prevent future turf problems. Similarly, while many sporting events were cancelled, stadium maintenance was important to ensure the future integrity of the grass for whenever sports games resumed 

In professional turf areas, herbicides are by far the mostapplied pesticide, primarily used to control weeds such as dandelions, daisies, and clovers. In 2020, applicators tended to favor the use of non-selective herbicides, which accounted for 55% of global sales. Most often, these types of herbicides are used for pre-emergence applications.  

In the horticultural and greenhouse segment, the floriculture industry was hit hard, with some key countries losing sales usually acquired from the export market. The cutflower industry heavily relies on festivities and events such as weddings and parties; the restriction of public gatherings caused countless cancellations, lessening the demands for flowers. However, while the floriculture segment was disrupted, production of horticultural fruit and vegetables under covered protection remained strong, growing primarily because of use from the organic-produce sector.  

Insecticides ranked as the mostapplied pesticide in this market sector, accounting for almost 40% of segment sales, followed closely by fungicides. While traditional chemical ingredients such as malathion and imidacloprid still account for a prominent proportion of sales, the use of biological ingredients is growing rapidly. Biological inputs accounted for 15% of market segment sales, based on sales of biopesticides and biostimulants 

The industry remains cautious but optimistic, with a growth rate of 3% projected over the next five years across the countries covered in the study. However, the growth rates vary dramatically across different market segments and from one country market to another. The announcement and rollout of vaccination programs across the globe bring hope for the leisure and entertainment industries’ economic recovery as life returns to normal. The turf and ornamental market has the potential for a much higher growth rate in the longer term, especially from the biologicals inputs market, which has become more soughtafter by applicators.  

The Professional Turf and Ornamental: Markets for Pesticides and Fertilizers study is accompanied by Kline’s database tool, which empowers sales, marketing, and strategic management personnel with the most current turf and ornamental pesticide and fertilizer data in their areas of responsibility and geographic location. This tool helps users identify and understand the consumption trends and make a comparative assessment of the professional turf and ornamental pesticide and fertilizer supplier, brand, active ingredient, acre treatment, and volumes. It also helps market participants benchmark their company’s presence in each country and product category against their competitors.

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