Empty Hard Capsules

[WEBINAR] Empty Hard Capsules: What is the Contrasting Impact of COVID-19 on Regional Markets?

Empty hard capsules (EHCs) are an effective alternative to the traditionally used tablet dosage forms in the pharmaceutical and nutrition industries. Despite having some disadvantages, such as higher costs and advanced technical requirements for manufacturing, hard capsules provide better dosage options for hygroscopic drugs, greater patient compliance, and are versatile dosage forms. Consequently, hard capsules were the second-leading oral solid-dosage form worldwide in 2020, after tablets. To learn more immediately read our recent article on how COVID-19 impacted Empty Hard Regional Markets.

Access the webinar to learn about the impact of COVID-19 on the EHCs industry along with:

  • Market overview
  • Trends and drivers
  • Supplier landscape
  • Outlook


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