Upcoming Webinar – Understanding the Basestocks Market

The global basestock industry continues to witness greater challenges. While the existing challenge of slow demand growth consistently outpaced by new supply creation persists, newer challenges in the form of alternate automobile technology, such as electric vehicles, are shaping the market landscape. On the other hand, the tightening fuel economy and emission regulations and original equipment manufacturers’ specifications are driving the use of high-performance basestocks. Attend this upcoming webinar on October 9 at 9 AM EDT to answer critical questions:

    What are the key factors impacting the demand for finished lubricants and basestocks?
    How is demand likely to evolve for various basestocks categories?
    What is the outlook for basestock supply and capacity?
    How will the new supply creation alter the market landscape and trade flows?


This webinar is drawing upon findings from our recently published Global Lubricant Basestocks: Market Analysis and Opportunities report. Provides in-depth coverage of the nine basestock markets: Brazil, China, Japan, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States. REQUEST A SAMPLE

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