[VIDEO] Extraordinary Growth of I&I Hand Care Products Explained by End Users

In August 2020, Kline surveyed more than 500 industrial and institutional (I&I) end users about their usage, spending, and purchasing behavior for hand care products and how that has changed in light of the coronavirus pandemic. The results of our just-published Industrial & Institutional Hand Care USA research are astonishing.

We are seeing unprecedented growth in sales and consumption of hand care products, and this is expected to continue for several years. The sample includes end users in healthcare, industry, office buildings, restaurants, retailers, education, and building service contractors; respondents were asked about their consumption of hand soaps, hand sanitizers, and hand cleaning wipes. In this video, we show some quick highlights regarding how their preferences and consumption patterns have changed from previous years.

To better assess the impact of COVID-19 on professional hand care sales in 2020 and beyond, please refer to Kline’s Industrial & Institutional Hand Care USA report.


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