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[WEBINAR ALERT] Clean Label in Food and Beverages: Perception vs. Reality

An increasing number of consumers opt for food and beverage products that they perceive to be “clean” or “natural.” Gluten-free, non-GMO, no artificial colors, organic, grass-fed, and preservative-free are claims consumers pay attention to in their quest for cleaner, greener living.

But what does “clean” mean to consumers, and what labeling do they look at when perusing products? In which categories is clean label most prominent, and what are retailers doing to attract increasingly demanding consumers?


April 21, 2020 – our live webinar with Naira Aslanian! Based on hot-off-the-press insights from our recently published Clean Label in Food & Beverages: Perception vs. Reality report.

Join the conversation to learn about…

  • Consumer perception of clean label in food and beverages
  • Categories in which clean label is most prominent
  • Retailer initiatives to keep up with increasing consumer demand for cleaner, greener products
  • Brief snapshot of ingredient analysis conducted by Kline’s specialty chemicals team

For more details, turn to our Clean Label in Food & Beverages: Perception vs. Reality report, providing a value chain analysis of clean label food and beverages, including a market overview, consumer perception survey, retailer initiatives, and category offerings.

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