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WEBINAR: Specialty Pesticides Educational Series

As we have recently completed some of our most popular reports, we felt it would be a good time for us to share a few of our findings with you.

Starting Wednesday October 12, 9:00 EDT we will be sharing valuable crop protection data and insights from our latest reports.

The 9:00 am  Fly Control Pesticides in Production Animal Health 2011: U.S. Market Analysis will cover key findings from analysis of the U.S. market for fly control pesticides in poultry, pork, beef, egg, and dairy processing. The analysis is looking at key trends, developments, changes, challenges, and business opportunities, and addressing such issues as sales and volumes of insecticides consumed by brand, active ingredient, and supplier, non-chemical control practices, and new products/technology.
(runs 20 minutes, includes Q&A)

The 9:20 am  Rangeland and Pastureland Insecticides 2011: U.S. Market Analysis seminar will be examining some key insights from the U.S. range and pasture insecticide management market, which addressed such issues as the size and segmentation of the market for insecticides by brand, region, and insect treated, acre treatments by brand, active ingredient usage, supplier summary totals by brand, or separate totals for insecticides by brand and insect treated.
(runs 20 minutes, includes Q&A)

The 9:40 am  Specialty Pesticides Russia 2011 seminar will present key findings from a comprehensive analysis of the specialty pesticide market in Russia, which focused on brand sales by market segment and product type. The seminar will also include highlights of key market trends and developments and examine the near-term outlook for these markets.
(runs 20 minutes, includes Q&A)


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