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Kline Management Consulting provides the optimal size, superior team  demographics and team-oriented culture that make engagements a success for our clients. 

Optimal Size   We are large enough to have the blend of functional capabilities, industry experience, and geographical  spread that successful strategy projects require. Yet we are small enough for our clients to get our full attention.
Superior Team Demographics   Our senior people are fully engaged throughout the work program, not just during the selling process and at key  client meetings. Prior experience and knowledge base means we get up to speed rapidly.
Team-Oriented Culture   Our practice leaders and staff work collaboratively with our clients, who find that we assimilate well to each level of their organization.
Global Perspective   Like the industries we serve, we operate worldwide. Across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, we have the ability to assemble teams that have the optimum blend of local and global experience and insights.

Our Experts

  Susan Babinsky
  Dilip Chandwani
Ian Moncrieff Ian Moncrieff
  Eric Vogelsberg
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