The leading MICI solution for the Beauty Industry

Programmed by
industry experts

Industry Experts configure mind maps of keywords, themes, topic lenses, entities to set up the search algorithm.

Keep up-to-date
with ease

Track market dynamics, competitive intelligence and the innovation horizon with a customizable Intelligence Hub. All relevant Information at a glance – gathered, filtered and organized for you.

Tailored intelligence
at your fingertips

Get access to Kline proprietary data in combination with our best-in-class industry sources for easy analysis and overview.

Design your own
Intelligence Hub

Explore our fully searchable knowledge repository and maintain a single version of truth with a consistent and relevant information flow.

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Target Audience


Strategic Marketing Teams

Intelligence Teams

What You Can Access

#1 Industry Trends

Monitor and understand market drivers, industry outlooks, and changes within your core industry

#2 Competitors

Access critical information about competitors and the business landscape. Track all types of companies’ activities – M&A, Products, Partnerships etc.

#3 Thematic Searches & Topics

Discover the consumer behaviour impacting your industry and track how they shift and change.

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