Base Oil, Base Oil Everywhere, Nor a Drop to Buy

Since the onset of coronavirus in early 2020, the base oil business has been thrown into disarray. While crude oil prices have increased modestly, base oil prices have mushroomed. The causes of such an explosion in base oil prices are not obvious and go beyond the confines of the base oil business itself.

Forecast to 2024: Global Plant-Based Meat Market

The trend of adopting nutritious and healthy food products has driven growth of the plant-based meat industry globally. In the last decade, the range of plant-based meat analogs has increased significantly, with the industry showing remarkable success in North America and Europe.

Beauty Market Resiliency in an Unprecedented Year

What could have been a dismal year for the U.S. beauty market in 2020 turned out just as we predicted. The analysis of 20 different product categories, five trade classes, and the performance of hundreds of brands has revealed fascinating bright spots.

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