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Kline’s mission is to provide highly accurate category and channel forecasts that unlock high growth opportunities for CMI, finance and product teams. By decoding consumer, macro economic and industry specific dynamics on demand we work with decision makers to provide insight from a 360 degree view of the market and drive revenue growth management.

Trusted and established provider

Kline is uniquely positioned as a trusted provider that promotes competitiveness, sustained growth, and leadership in our core industries for over 62 years.

Partnering with leaders

Kline partners with leaders to unlock the potential of data analytics, uncover profound insights, and foster innovation, enabling companies to deliver substantial value both today and in the future.

Innovating through analytics

Kline is developing its analytical capabilities by deploying  advanced software, hiring top talent and investing in robust data sources. These come together to produce leading products that inform our client’s strategic decision making.

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