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Foresight prediction of category and channel growth

How is forecast data calculated?

Using multiple linear regression, time shift and seasonality analysis, future projections are formulated based on market driver data shifts. 95%+ accuracy is achieved by utilizing Bayesian recursion to improve precision, with thorough review of results by our industry experts.

The 7 Steps of Kline Forecasting

Explore some of the benefits to developing internal data forecasts

Assortment Strategy

Deploy advanced analytics-led to identify best-sellers and underperforming items.

New Product Development

White space analysis to identify gaps in your product mix and develop new beauty products that tap into new market trends and changing consumer habits.

Dynamic Pricing

Implement dynamic pricing strategies based on demand, seasonality, and competitor pricing to optimize revenue.

Promotional Effectiveness

Analyze the impact of promotional pricing on sales and profitability, and plan promotions strategically.

Multi-Channel Strategy

Evaluate the performance of different sales channels (e.g., e-commerce, retail, direct-to-consumer) and allocate resources to the most profitable channels.

Category Management

Optimize category management by analyzing the performance of different product categories and adjusting assortments to target changing consumer preferences.


Identify opportunities for cross-selling complementary beauty products to increase basket size and overall revenue.

Historical Data Analysis

Examine historical sales data to understand seasonal trends in the beauty industry. Identify peak seasons and fluctuations in demand.

Inventory Management

Adjust inventory levels based on seasonality, ensuring that you have sufficient stock during high-demand periods and minimize excess stock during low-demand seasons.

Promotions and Marketing

Plan marketing campaigns and promotions around seasonality insights to maximize their impact and capitalize on consumer buying patterns.

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