State of the JanSan Industry

State of the Jan/San Industry

Where: Virtual – Online Only

Speaker: Laura Mahecha, Director, I&I Cleaning ProductsEnvelope

Moderator: Alex Rappley, Senior Account ManagerEnvelope

Description: Labor shortages are impacting commercial end users, some of whom are using technology, such as IoT and robotics, to help their staff be efficient and maintain clean facilities. Recent product innovations include continuously active disinfectants and multipurpose products designed to optimize cleaning. Join this webinar to learn what other key trends are shaping the market and what they mean for the future of your cleaning products business.

Exploring the Global Biopesticides Boom

Exploring the Global Biopesticides Boom

Where: Virtual – Online Only

Speaker: Aneesa Moolla, Project Manager, AgrochemicalsEnvelope

Moderator: Anamaria Dutton, Senior Account ManagerEnvelope

Description: Biopesticides are a game-changer in the agrochemical industry, making farming safer and greener. The demand for such products continues to soar globally due to stricter regulations on chemical residues and consumers’ increasing interest in organic products. This webinar will look at key technologies, products, and companies based on the adoption of biopesticides across 15 countries.

Service-Oriented Categories Driving Professional Nail Care Market Recovery

Service-Oriented Categories Driving Professional Nail Care Market Recovery

Where: Virtual – Online Only

Speaker: Shivani Singh, Project Manager, Consumer ProductsEnvelope

Moderator: Pilar Pardo, Senior Account ManagerEnvelope

Description: The professional nail care market is still in the recovery phase, as consumers prioritized other beauty services such as hair and skin care in 2021. As the market is catching up, one of the brightest spots driving growth is service-oriented categories. Join this live webinar to learn about the global state of the market as well as the performance of leaders such as OPI, Gelish, and CND.

Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Excipients in the Next Five Years

Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Excipients in the Next Five Years

Where: Virtual – Online Only

Speaker: Shilpi Mehrotra, Industry Manager, Chemicals PracticeEnvelope

Moderator: Anamaria Dutton, Sales Team Leader, Chemicals PracticeEnvelope

Description: The global prices of pharmaceutical excipients soared in 2021 compared to 2019, with a whopping 40%. What does this mean for the future of excipients? Will prices continue to climb? Those questions will be answered in this informative webinar, which will cover global dynamics, key trends, and shifts in demand.

ICIS Pan America

Where: New Jersey

Attending: George Morvey, Industry Manager, Energy Envelope, and David Tsui, Project Manager Envelope

Description: The event’s new agenda format will offer a mix of panels and presentations from ICIS and the wider industry. Key topics include supply and demand dynamics; supply chain; Latin America; electrification; geopolitics and economics; specifications; and much more. In addition, attendees can enjoy a drinks reception.

European Base Oils & Lubricants Summit

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

Speaker: Sharbel Luzuriaga, Industry Manager, Energy Envelope

Description: Presented by ACI, this conference will offer a platform for attendees to increase their level of visibility and exposure to showcase technologies and gain direct access to a senior-level audience; it will focus on upcoming regulatory implementation, open a discussion on how to overcome current market challenges, and identify current opportunities of growth. Luzuriaga is scheduled to speak about EU basestocks in relation to current affairs.

UEIL Annual Congress

Where: Athens, Greece

Speaker: Yana Wilkinson, Vice President of Energy Envelope

Description: This year’s event will focus on building a more sustainable and resilient society and economy by making strategic decisions with the backing of case studies and success stories from the most successful European lubricant manufacturers. Wilkinson will be on hand to discuss applying tactical and strategic lenses to E-commerce.

17th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils & Lubricants Conference

Where: Saudi Arabia

Attending: Alexandre Chemaly, Director of KMC Business Development Envelope, and Kritika Jaiswal, Project Manager Envelope

Description: The conference will offer attendees opportunities to establish new connections and discover commercial business opportunities in the Middle East. In addition, technological advancements and the critical role of sustainability in the future of the industry will be highlighted; world-leading analysts and leading market players such as Shell and Chevron are also expected to share their insights.

How Omnichannel and Independent Stylists Are Boosting Growth in the Salon Industry

How Omnichannel and Independent Stylists Are Boosting Growth in the Salon Industry

Where: Virtual – Online Only

Speaker: Agnieszka Saintemarie, Director, Consumer ProductsEnvelope

Moderator: Kristy Altenburg, Director, Global Consumer Product SalesEnvelope

Description: The professional hair care industry has seen a substantial shift away from salons. While professional brands are accelerating sales through retail channels, stylists are leaving traditional salons to pursue an independent career. Join this live webinar, where we will explore the effects of these developments on the marketers and distributors of professional hair care products.

PBA Executive Summit

PBA Executive Summit

Where: Omni Montelucia Resort, Scottsdale AZ

Attending: Carrie Mellage, Vice President of Consumer ProductsEnvelope, and Alex Rappley, Sales ManagerEnvelope

Description: This annual event gathers manufacturers, distributors, salon & spa owners, and industry leaders to share insights, inspire change, and spark innovation. With a high focus on digitalization, the educational sessions will focus on topics revolving around cross-industry collaboration and leaders that fuel cultures to champion innovation.