The Road Ahead for the Global Used Oil Market

April 12, 2022

The recycling of used oil is becoming more important as the lubricant industry's focus shifts toward a circular economy and sustainability. Many governments have either passed mandates to recycle used oil or are in the process of drafting regulations for it. On the other hand, used oil supply is expected to top out as lubricant demand growth slows due to electrification and other factors, creating supply challenges for re-refineries.

In this webinar, Kunal Mahajan, Project Manager in Kline’s Energy and Chemicals practices, discusses insights from our Global Used Oil and Re-Refined Lubricants: Market Analysis and Opportunities with a focus on:

  • Used oil industry overview
  • Used oil material balance
  • Trends, drivers, and challenges
  • Used oil industry outlook


Kunal Mahajan

Project Manager,
Energy Practice

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