At-home Beauty Devices

From Crow’s Feet to Calluses: At-home Beauty Devices Cover it All

The at-home devices market saw another year of positive growth, albeit less than the robust 20% gain previously enjoyed the year before. The key factor behind the lower growth rate is that smaller companies, such as Oregon Aesthetic Technologies and Zeno Corporation, ceased operations while larger ones like NuSkin pulled its Galvanic Spa Facial device from the U.S. market to prepare for an upcoming launch of an FDA-approved version.Continue reading

Kline's Personal Care Research

Best of 2013 from Kline’s Personal Care Research

The new year is an opportune time to take stock of what’s been happening and recent trends. The past year has seen much promise and market receptivity to natural products, hair oils, and non-invasive aesthetic products. Additionally, exciting M&A activity confirmed an encouraging confidence in market. For your convenience, we’ve collated last year’s most appreciated blogs and tweets. Flush with over 50 years’ experience, we will continue to bring you the best of Personal Care research insights and trust you will find Kline’s expertise empowering in 2014.Continue reading

Aesthetic Products Market

Injectibles – the Pointy Edge of the Non-invasive Aesthetic Products Market, but Body Contouring is Shaping it, Feels Kline

Growing by almost 500% over the last 20 years, non-surgical cosmetic procedures are mirroring consumers’ preferences for minimally-invasive treatments. In line with demand for these non-surgical procedures, 2012 sales of professional aesthetic products saw an increase of 7.5%, according to the recently published Professional Aesthetics: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities study, by worldwide consulting and research firm Kline & Company.

Key factors driving growth include greater awareness of in-office treatments and their benefits, less down time and discomfort, with a whole body of treatments and increased distribution similarly contributing to the market’s overall growth.Continue reading

Free Webinar on Aesthetics

Attend Kline’s Free Webinar on Professional Aesthetics Market in the United States

Ever wonder where the inspiration for the booming at-home devices market came from? Or why so many companies are forming alliances with medical device companies?

Join Kline’s upcoming Professional Aesthetics Market in the United States webinar to learn:

  • What’s new in laser and light device technology for the skin care market?
  • What are the opportunities regarding the pairing of professional skin care products with these devices?
  • Which skin care concerns are driving market growth?
  • What opportunities potentially exist for the at-home use of professional devices ?Continue reading