ISSA show 2019

Technology Front and Center at 2019 ISSA Show

This year’s ISSA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada was well-attended and featured hundreds of booths displaying new products, with many showcasing how technology is being used to improve cleaning and efficiency. From augmented reality to robotics, many technologically advanced tools are being offered to cleaning professionals to help them clean more efficiently and educate cleaning staff. Optisolve showed a device that, when attached to a tablet, reveals in real time invisible surface contamination and can be used to benchmark and track improvements in cleaning thoroughness. Continue reading

Chemical-free Floor Care

Chemical-free Floor Care: A Myth or the Near Future?

For many years, floor care machinery and cleaning chemicals have been complementary goods, together dealing with cleaning issues and adding value for end users. However, some suppliers have ­introduced new machinery that do not require chemicals to effectively perform cleaning tasks. To understand this market trend and find out whether it represents a threat to cleaning chemicals suppliers, we interviewed Laura Mahecha, Kline’s Manager of Industrial & Institutional (I&I) Cleaning Products Practice.Continue reading