Professional Nail Care

After Years of Stagnancy, Nail Enhancements Take Off

Powered by the nail enhancements category, the global professional nail care market rebounds, increasing by over 6% in 2017, according to our soon-to-be-published Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief. Resurging interest in the dipping powder systems and the launch of new hybrid gels are among the key drivers moving this market forward.

With approximately 18% growth, nail enhancements is the fastest-growing category in the global professional nail care market in 2017. Most of this growth is being driven by the dipping powder systems, which began as a trend in late 2016 and become mainstream in 2017 with various marketers adding these systems to their product portfolios. Continue reading

Professional Nail Care

Hybrid Products and Treatments Nailed it Again

The global professional nail care market continues to enjoy another year of dynamic growth of over 5%, on par with 2015’s market growth. Nail enhancements, our newest addition to the recently published edition of our Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief report, represents approximately 10% of this market, witnessing an uptick in sales, mainly driven by the comeback of the dipping powder systems. Several new entrants abound this category, such as Tammy Taylor Prizmatic Powder Coat Nail System, Kiara Sky Dip System, Kiara Sky Dip System, and Entity Dip & Buff System towards the end of 2016.Continue reading

Professional Nail Care

The New Engine of the Professional Nail Care Industry

The soon-to-be-published Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief report reveals another year of strong growth for this highly dynamic market. Long-wear nail polish (also called hybrid nail polish) is definitely the rock star, experiencing a triple-digit increase in 2015! This revolutionary growth is due to the category’s newness, which, despite its relatively small size, helped boost sales of the overall professional nail care market. Started in 2013 by Vinylux from CND (Revlon) and followed by many key players in the industry launching their own versions, this new product type promises a gel-like effect for up to 10 days without the need of an UV and LED lamp to dry it.Other notable products include OPI’s Infinite Shine, Jessica’s Phenom, and All Week Long from European player LCN. The category has become so important that we have begun to report it separately in the newest edition of the report.Continue reading