Triumphs and Challenges in the Global Professional Nail Care Market

Triumphs and Challenges in the Global Professional Nail Care Market

In the global professional nail care market, the United States has emerged as a true frontrunner, while Europe is still navigating unique hurdles on its path to recovery. The United States market registered a growth rate of almost 6% in 2022, slowing down from the 7.3% recorded in 2021. Conversely, Europe’s growth is down by 2.5% in 2022 from the 3% growth that was registered in 2021. What led to this interesting contrast?

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Avène: Ranking High Among U.S. Skin Care Physicians

Avène: Rooted in Dermatology and Hydrotherapy

Owned by Pierre-FabreAvène is a well-known global brand for sensitive skin distributed through doctors’ offices, pharmacies, and online channelsAt the heart of Avène’s products is Thermal Spring Waterknown to soothe the skin and provide clinical benefits for various conditions, ranging from acne to atopic skin. 

According to Kline’s recent survey conducted among skin care dispensing physicians in the United StatesAvène received high performance scores on all key attributes, including training and education, marketing, and product portfolio, implying that physicians are highly satisfied with all the support provided by the brand. To monitor the progress of this brand and others, refer to the Physician-Dispensed Skin Care: Perception and Satisfaction Survey report. 

COVID-19 pandemic proved that brands valuing safety and community are reigning supreme in the market

Knowing Your Audience Is Key to Male Grooming and Indie Brands

Despite struggles in the general beauty market, some segments are experiencing bright spots as a result of increasing consumer interest. Hand sanitizers, clean beauty, and self-care products had already been on the rise as consumers refocused or focused for the first time on these goods as a way to combat time in quarantine. But a surprising segment with renewed consumer interest is male grooming.Continue reading