Industrial Esters: Unveiling Fresh Trends, Applications, and Opportunities

October 11, 2023

While esters are common in end-use applications such as paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants, construction, food and beverages, and personal care, new applications such as Li-ion batteries are emerging and are expected to drive significant demand for esters in the future. Watch our webinar to discover other trends influencing the industry and how the market will evolve in the upcoming years.

Our webinar, based on the Industrial Esters: Market Analysis and Opportunities report, also covers:

  • An overview of key markets: Europe, China, India, Southeast Asia, and the United States
  • An analysis of the competitive landscape, and the esters market size by region and application
  • Key trends, drivers, and restraints for the esters market
  • Forecast of esters demand in various applications


Kunal Mahajan

Project Manager
Chemicals​ Practice

Frances Davidson

Senior Account Manager

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