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Industrial Esters: Market Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2022
Published: Q4 2023
Regional Coverage: China, Europe, India, Southeast Asia, United States

With a sizeable global demand, esters are a family of chemicals being used in a variety of end-use applications. While personal care has long been one of the fastest-growing applications, esters suppliers can supply to many various applications. This is a definite advantage when it comes to diversification, but it also requires a fine understanding of each applications to make the most of market opportunities.


A comprehensive analysis examining the esters market for various industrial applications, this study would provide a detailed assessment of the market size, competitive landscape, trends, and growth opportunities in key application markets.
Esters covered within nine ester groups, as shown in table 1

  • Consumption of esters by application and region
  • Supplier sales by esters type, application, and region
  • Average market pricing of esters by region
  • Forecast consumption of esters within a five-year time frame
  • Analysis of growth drivers and restraints for each application in each region


This series consists of a report per country/region and a fully interactive database. While the dataset allows users to customize views according to supplier, excipient category, and excipient, the reports provide subscribers with informative explanations on database figures, forecasts models, and market drivers.



The database provides information on the level of ester groups and allows users to fully customize their view. Data available includes the following:

  • Consumption by end use and region
  • Supplier shares by application and chemistry
  • Market pricing
  • Forecast by 2027
Acrylic esters
Carbonic acid esters
Carboxylic acid esters
Citric acid esters
Fatty acid esters
Nitric acid esters
Phosphoric acid esters
Polyol esters
Sulfuric acid esters



The reports are designed to qualitatively explain market dynamics shown in the database. Each report includes one chapter per industrial application. Each chapter will provide information on:

  • Application and regulatory overview
  • Market sizing
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Appraisal and outlook
Adhesives and sealants
Crop protection
Food and beverage
Li-ion Battery
Metalworking fluids
Oilfield & Mining
Paints & coatings
Personal care
All other

Subscriber Benefits

Through this global program, subscribers will be better positioned to exploit identified business opportunities for esters used across various industrial applications. Specifically, this program would assist subscribers by providing:

  • A highly reliable and independent assessment of usage of esters in various industrial sectors
  • An appraisal of market trends, supplier landscape, and demand drivers, plus forecast
  • Identification of key growth potential areas by product type and application

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