The Science and The Art – Bringing Forecasting of the Professional Beauty Industry to the Next Level

June 27, 2023

Our highly skilled predictive analytics team is combining an advanced data science approach to forecasting, together with valuable insights gathered through hundreds of in-depth unstructured interviews and secondary research conducted by our expert Beauty and Wellbeing industry research team. During this online event, we look at what happens “behind the scenes” of our predictive analytics process and showcase forecast results taken from our latest Salon Hair Care Global Series report.

Our forecasting capabilities will help you effectively plan your business strategy by:

  • Identifying opportunities and mitigating risks
  • Innovating existing products and tailoring launches
  • Pinpointing target audiences and building engaging marketing content
  • Adapting to changing consumer needs and scenarios


Max Kaye

Director, Predictive Analytics

Clément Perpignan

Senior Analyst, Beauty & Wellbeing

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