GM Online Marketplace

GM Online Marketplace — 45,000 Parts Are Just a Few Keystrokes Away

General Motors has announced its new online marketplace, where customers can purchase any of the company’s 45,000 repair and maintenance parts through Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac’s websites. Further down the road, the auto giant plans to also offer customers the option of dropping over-the-air upgrades and subscription services into their digital shopping baskets — along with electric vehicles, with shopping, purchase, and finance options on the drop-down menu. 


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factors impacting HDMO demand

Factors Impacting HDMO Demand

The launch of the newly redesigned, on-highway Model 579, class 8 tractor by Peterbilt Motors Company inspired Kline to make some observations about the HDMO market, and we would like to share them in our new series, Kline Energy Reflections Under a Minute. In it, we’ll offer our reflections on the most current news and what’s been trending around the world in our industry. Continue reading

Lubenets 2021 release

How LubesNet Evolved into the Data Tool of Tomorrow 

The latest release of Kline’s LubesNet database, on January 27, 2021, marked a significant milestone in its history15 consecutive years of offering market data and insight into the global finished automotive and industrial lubricants industry. LubesNet presents, through a userfriendly and intuitive platformglobal, regional, country market, market segment, product type, and viscosity grade lubricants demand data featuring a fiveyear historical view, 2020 base year view, and two forecast year views. This latest release includes Kline’s assessment of the impact of COVID-19 by country market with a comparison to 2019 demand, plus Kline’s forecast for recovery as markets emerge from lockdowns and economic activity returns to pre-pandemic levels.  

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roll-out of Kirkland Signature HDMO

Big Wheels Rollin’ “Movin’ On”

After entering the U.S. market for synthetic passenger car motor oil (PCMO) in mid-December 2019 with its own branded full synthetic PCMO, Costco extended its product line into heavy duty motor oil (HDMO) with its Kirkland Signature conventional SAE 15W-40 HDMO in July 2020. Kirkland HDMO meets the current API Service Category of CK-4, which means the product meets OEM specifications for service-fill applications and will not compromise an OEMs’ warranty—provided the end-user follows OEM-recommended oil drain intervals based on operating conditions.

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Synthetic Lubricants Market

It Was Only a Matter of Time

We’re all familiar, I suspect, with U.S.-based warehouse operator Costco Wholesale Corporation and its extensive, trusted Kirkland Signature private-label line of products, such as gasoline, wine, spirits, cashews, laundry detergent, vitamins, beef hot dogs, and my personal favorite, funeral urns and caskets. When it’s time for Uncle Leo to meet his maker, send him out in style and on a budget in a Costco casket.

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Spotlight on Lubricants: Jeepney or EV?

Kline’s Energy Practice is regularly asked about volumetric lubricant demand growth and where opportunities exist for a supplier of industrial and automotive lubricants in a particular country market. In the not-too-distant past, emerging and developing country markets were rapidly growing in terms of lubricants demand and, as such, it wasn’t hard for a supplier to ride the wave and build volume. Those opportunities seem to be fewer and far between, and lubricant suppliers must now take a more focused approach to identifying and monitoring trends at or just below the surface in order to be on the right side of the demand wave going forward. Continue reading

Autonomous Vehicle

Where Can an Autonomous Vehicle Get an Oil Change These Days?

As the autonomous vehicle (AV) space continues to evolve and vehicle OEMs and mobility providers make announcements about million and billion dollar investments and initiatives, it is important to understand from a commercial perspective just where/how/why/when these vehicles will be serviced and the impact on suppliers of branded aftermarket engine oil and related lubricants.

Waymo, a business unit of Alphabet, announced on December 5, 2018 that it is launching a commercial self-driving, ride-hailing service in Phoenix, Arizona called Waymo One.

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