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India's Electrifying Journey Toward EV Adoption

India’s Electrifying Journey Toward EV Adoption

Long gone are the days when the electric vehicle (EV) “revolution” in India was considered mere buzz; the moment has clearly arrived. Sales of electric vehicles in India doubled in 2021 compared to 2019. Automotive players have made tremendous investments in setting up dedicated EV capacities, particularly in the two-wheeler segment. Numerous private players have also invested — and are continuing to invest — in infrastructure to support EV charging and/or battery swapping. Further, favorable policies by the central and state governments are creating an environment that will help drive EV sales. Against this backdrop, we provide an update on EV manufacturing, charging infrastructure, battery swapping, government policies and subsidies, and acceptance by Indian consumers.

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Beauty Makes a Greater Play for Home Scent

Beauty Makes a Greater Play for Home Scent

Legacy beauty brands such as Chanel, over the years, have been known to release home fragrance products during the holiday season. In 2022, these once limited-edition products for holiday gift-giving are now becoming a mainstay for beauty brands as consumers look to further elevate their home space with the same beloved scents from their perfumes, hair products, and body lotions.  

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EV Charging How 4 Companies Managed to Disrupt the Industry banner

EV Charging: How 4 Companies Managed to Disrupt the Industry

With gas prices continuing to hit record highs — and with the average per-mile cost of electricity for an EV currently less than half the average per-mile cost of gas, according to AAA — it’s no surprise that sales of electric cars are increasing. In fact, California became the first state to hit one million plug-in vehicles earlier this year. But despite such gains, there’s still one obstacle that’s hindering further growth.  

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Beauty Industry Briefing: What's Powering the U.S. Market in the Days Ahead?

Beauty Industry Briefing: What’s Powering the U.S. Market in the Days Ahead?

Beauty is back in business with 2021 results reversing the losses that several categories, such as fragrances and skin care, faced in the year prior. The U.S. beauty and personal care market surpassed $85 billion in retail sales in 2021, an increase of $7 billion from 2019 sales levels. This is the market’s strongest performance in the last 10 years, with no signs of slowing down given the 6% CAGR forecasted for the market through 2026.Continue reading

Earth Day Wrap-Up

Earth Day Wrap-Up: Here’s How Kline Did Its Part to Save the Planet

Kline team members from around the globe got green(er) to celebrate Earth Day. 

In India, staff members became gardeners-for-a-day to assist iamgurgaon, a citizen’s initiative focused on restoring the green habitat in Gurugram that has been lost to urbanization. Since its inception, iamgurgaon has planted more than 175,000 trees – its goal is to propagate 1 million local native species. The Kline group then made a stop at the Aravali oxy-van, a 180-acre forest restoration project, to help clear the grounds of weeds, plastic, and litter in preparation for tree planting. Continue reading