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Regional Video Summary of your choice

The Video Presentation includes the impact of Covid-19
on markets, products, and end-use industries.

Each country report includes:

  • Country overview, economic background, and vehicle parc sales and production
  • Impact of COVID-19 at a country level
  • Appraisal: market outlook + 5-year forecasts, opportunities, and challenges
  • Profiles of leading lubricants marketers and an analysis of their market position
  • ​​​Analysis by product category, viscosity grades, quality levels, synthetics penetration, supply chain, end-use segments, supplier market share, and outlook for commercial automotive, consumer automotive, industrial oils, and fluids.





PCMO market in China post COVID-19 insights

Chinese PCMO Market: Post-COVID-19 Recovery Insights

Join our industry expert, David Tsui, to gain deeper insights into Chinese PCMO markets and post-COVID-19 recovery.

The Chinese PCMO market remains a major, dynamic market projected to recover and grow over the next five years. While traditional lubricants marketing channels will still be the mainstay in China, new alternative channels are offering opportunities for greater growth as people adapt to a post-COVID-19 world.Continue reading

Which Categories are Faring Well for the U.S. Hair Tools and Appliances Market?

Which Categories are Faring Well for the U.S. Hair Tools and Appliances Market?

Trimmers and clippers emerged as the strongest category in the U.S. hair tools and appliances market during 2020as many consumers turned to home kits to cut their hair. The revelation comes from Kline’s soon-to-be-published Hair Tools and Appliances: United States Market Analysis and Opportunities report, which covers both the professional and retail channels and three major categories: hair dryers, hot tools, and trimmers and clippers. Continue reading

“skinification" of hair

The “Skinification” of Hair: Hero Salon Products in Q2 2020

“Skinification of hair,” a trend that has gained popularity in recent years, is expanding its reach in professional hair care. The trend is led by growing consumer awareness that the benefits of a good skin care regimen can be expanded to the scalp, which is essentially an extension of the facial skin. Professional salon brands are taking cues from social media-savvy millennials and progressing beyond traditional shampoos, conditioners, and masks to design a hair care routine heavily influenced by skin care.

Consumer willingness to spend time and money on quality products boosts manufacturers’ vigor to formulate new and innovative products such as scalp exfoliators, toners, and serums to meet consumer demand. Based on data found in Kline PRO US, we have put together a detailed, step-by-step, skin care-inspired hair care routine with a sampling of brands and products.Continue reading

Chinese PCMO Market to Recover Faster and with More Alternative Sales Channels

Globally, China’s passenger car motor oil (PCMO) market ranks second in terms of volume, accounting for approximately 17% of demand. COVID-19 has slowed growth, with new vehicle sales declining by nearly 20% in the first half of 2020. This dropalong with reduced annual mileage due to lockdowns, has brought PCMO demand to under 1,000 kilotonnes in 2020, a slip of more than 15% from 2019.  Contributing to this slowdown is the growing penetration of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), which are expected to expand to nearly 20% of annual sales by 2025. 

Continue reading

New Talent for Lubricants Industry

Kline Executives Participate in ABN Resource Panel to Help Attract a Younger Generation to the Lubricants Industry

The lubricants industry, while facing many challenges, is at the same time dramatically changing by embracing new technologies and digital innovation, as well as joining the fight against climate change. Without addressing current issues and environmental concerns, the industry risks the ability to attract talent.

At the same time, younger generations often view the lubricants industry as declining, rather than being an innovative and technologically advanced sector in which to build a future. For that reason, ABN Resource, the industry’s recruitment specialist, has launched an initiative to educate young people about the numerous career opportunities within the industry.

In the latest episode of the ABN Resource Podcast, “How to Build a Passion for the Lubricants Industry,” James Moorhouse, Director of ABN Resource, assembled a panel of four Kline executives to dispel some of the common misconceptions regarding the potential offered by this hundred-billion-dollar industry.Continue reading

Physician-Dispensed Skin Care

Against All Odds: The Professional Skin Care Market Is Slated to Exceed Expectations

The market for pricey professional skin care products, particularly those dispensed by physicians, is giving an incredible performance despite the country’s worst health and economic period in recent times.

U.S. sales for these physician-dispensed brands, led by SkinCeuticals, are projected to see increases similar to last year, when the medical care providers channel grew 11%. While most brands have leaned on their digital assets, including brand websites and third-party retailers such as Dermstore and Amazon Professional, the greater surprise is how successful doctors have been in their retailing efforts to clientele.Continue reading

Professional color care products gained market share in the first half of Q2 2020

Professional Color Care Gains Momentum Amidst COVID-19 Chaos

With salons forced to shut their doors because of the coronavirus pandemic, the professional hair care industry witnessed a shift in demand (roughly +15%) in Q2 vs. Q1 2020 for hair care products that help maintain color and manage roots, according to Kline PRO USA. Data shows that products formulated for color care have historically occupied the largest market share; they gained even more in the first half of this year, holding a whopping 31.4% of the market pie.Continue reading