Personal Mobility Intelligence Center

Focus. Strategize. Decide.

The Personal Mobility Intelligence Center is a new-generation product that gathers all insights related to the evolution of personal mobility to create a more intelligent, nuanced, and dynamic conversation, provide a decision-making tool, and more ― all in one easy-to-access hub.
Our Tools = Your Keys to Success
We highlight the origin of personal mobility trends like macro first principles, parc composition, inter-modal trends and business models, and value chain activity. Then we assess the implications they have on products and services.
When parts of the value chain change, we refresh all the information that goes with it.
Four times a year ― on a quarterly basis or at your preferred intervals ― our pros will report on all the developments that warrant your attention.
Easily place the market of your choice along its critical dimensions to see patterns and maturity stage ― without losing yourself in superfluous detail.
Get all the market research reports ― and access to our databases ― that you’ve already come to rely upon.
At Kline, we help companies be smarter, faster, and more successful, with research and advisory driven by a powerful combination of our industry experience, extensive data gathering and analysis, in-depth interviews with industry experts, and digital technology.