Kline’s Ingredient Tracker

The latest evolution in personal care ingredients monitoring

Kline’s Ingredient Tracker is a one-stop shop that enables ingredients manufacturers to keep their fingers on the pulse of the ingredients market. Cut through the complexity to the metrics that will impact your business. Track both short-term drivers and the volatile activity that will impact long-term drivers to stay ahead of the competition.
Our Tools Are Your Keys to Success
Our unique formulation tracker enables you to find out what new products are launching, what’s in them, and, most importantly, what it means for your business in an easy-to-use dashboard. Then you can supplement your info with expert commentary from our team of analysts
Use our database to discover what’s truly natural and what’s not at the ingredient trade name level. Browse information by INCI, suppliers, or ingredient group to find your natural solution or understand your competitors’ offering.
Staying on top of the industry news is key, but challenging due to the excess of available information. Filter out the noise and get carefully curated updates on the industry’s most important happenings.
Get all the market research reports – and access to our databases – that you’ve already come to rely upon.
At Kline, we have an unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge of the personal care ingredients space. Kline’s Ingredients Tracker is a distillation of our knowledge, helping companies be more intelligent, faster, and more successful with research and consulting services driven by a powerful combination of our industry experience, extensive data gathering and analysis, in-depth interviews with industry experts, and digital technology.