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Kline & United Kingdom Lubrications Association (UKLA) Sustainability Survey

Sustainability is a critical global initiative and a vital business driver within the energy sector.  Environment, Government, and Social (ESG) standards are having a profound impact on operations and business practices, and in response companies across industries are instituting operational measures and decarbonization technologies.    

To gain a direct understanding of how the lubricants and base oils industry is addressing this, Kline in collaboration with Lube Magazine commissioned a survey via In-House Research Ltd during the Fall/Winter of 2021.  The survey, conducted with over 300 participants across the lubricants and base oils industry, was designed to help assess drivers, priorities and challenges associated with defining and actioning sustainability-related policies. The how-to action was the focus (not “what” sustainability is and “if” it matters. 

Watch Kline’s Sabrina Craciun, Business Development Manager of Kline’s Energy Practice, present the results of this survey at UKLA’s Sustainability Conference in London (May 2022). 

Consulting Projects

Rerefined Oil: Future Role Decarbonizing Lubes Value Chain

For a global energy major, Kline evaluated the future of rerefined oil and the role it can play in decarbonizing the lubes value chain. The engagement involved developing quantitative and qualitative insights about used oil generation, collection, and rerefining in all major markets globally, while in parallel evaluating the current and potential regulations that would impact the industry. The results of the project were used in joint strategy planning sessions between Kline and the client in order to create regional strategies for decarbonizing the value chain.

ESG Goals in Mining, Metals, Cement, and other industries: Impact on Lubricant Suppliers

For a global energy major, the project scope included tracking ESG goals within mining, metals, cement, and other industries to determine how they impact the role of the lubricant supplier. Kline researched the major lubricant-consuming industrial sectors, such as mining, metals, and cement, in a number of large markets globally. Each sector was investigated to understand how global megatrends, as well as local sector and country trends, were playing out in that particular market. The focus was to understand how sectors are decarbonizing and what role the lubricant supplier can play in that journey. As a result of this engagement, the client was able to feed these insights into its country-level strategies in order to better serve its customers.

Sustainability in Lubes Industry Survey with Lube Magazine & UKLA

Lube Magazine and Kline collaborated to assess sustainability in the lubricants industry. Sustainability is a critical global initiative currently representing one of the key business drivers of the energy sector. The Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards are expected to have a profound impact on the operations and business practices of enterprises worldwide. To achieve their sustainability goals, companies across a wide range of industries will institute operational measures and decarbonization technologies. The purpose of this survey is to address the importance of sustainability and analyze the impact and implications that sustainability will have on the lubricants industry and its supply chains as this issue rises further in priority. Results will be presented at the Sustainability Conference 2022 hosted by Lube magazine and United Kingdom Lubricants Association (UKLA).


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