How Indie Brands Helped Power the Clean Beauty Market

How Indie Brands Helped Power the Clean Beauty Market

The market for clean beauty (or natural personal care products) rebounded strongly in 2021 – and our research shows that the increase was greatly due to indie beauty brands. 

Compared to 2020, clean beauty saw a boost of 10% in 2021; several of the strongest gains upwards of 100% year-over-year growth were experienced by indies, which collectively account for about 12% of total market sales. Continue reading

Global Natural Personal Care Market Continues to Grow in the Face of Pandemic

Sales of clean and natural beauty and personal care products grew to nearly $30 billion at the manufacturers’ level in 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on many markets. 

According to Kline’s recently published Natural and Clean Beauty Global Series, covering the United States, China, Brazil, and Europe, market performance largely varied by region. Some markets, such as Brazil, saw little to no change in consumption; others, such as Europe and the United States, were hit much harder. Collectively, the global market saw 2.1% growth, driven by various bright spots including a stellar performance from indie brands and self-care-oriented products.  Continue reading

Hand in Hand: Indie Beauty Brand with Eco-Friendly Packaging

Hand in Hand: Indie Beauty Brand with Eco-Friendly Packaging

Hand in Hand, an independent beauty brand that’s been on the rise in recent years, enjoyed outstanding success in 2020. It saw 1000% growth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic after launching and promoting its collection of liquid hand soaps and hand sanitizers, which resonated with consumers seeking these essential items. The products are packaged in aluminum, appealing to the growing number of consumers looking for sustainable products and brands that aim to reduce their environmental impact. For additional brand insights, follow our Natural and Clean Beauty Global Series report. 

Dermstore: A Critical E-Tailer for Most Professional Skin Care Brands

Dermstore: A Critical E-Tailer for Most Professional Skin Care Brands

Dermstore entered the dotcom market more than 20 years ago. Its sales reached $230 million in 2020, up more than 65% from 2019. The e-tailer got a jolt from the pandemic as eager consumers flocked to the website for skin care tips, new regimens, and personal consultations. At the beginning of 2021, Dermstore was acquired by The Hut Group, a well-known international Pro Beauty/Premium Beauty e-tailer with distribution in more than 150 markets. The future looks promising for Dermstore, as it will benefit from the resources of its new parent company as well as the uptick in consumers wanting professional beauty products. To monitor the performance of other key retailers, refer to our Beauty Retailing USA report. 

NuFace: The Microcurrent Cornerstone of the U.S. Device Market

NuFace: The Microcurrent Cornerstone of the U.S. Device Market

NuFace is an excellent example of how a firm can lean into social media to introduce consumers to the benefits of technology in this case, microcurrent in an educational and entertaining way. 

Tera Peterson, co-founder of the brand, has created a home for ongoing dialogues via her Instagram account. There, she shows different ways consumers can use the NuFace devices   from brow lifting to jaw sculpting. Peterson also regularly invites guests like makeup artist Bobbi Brown onto her IG live broadcasts. 

Through social media, the brand has added to its strong following and educated consumers on how the NuFace family of products can address skin care concerns. For additional brand insights, follow our Beauty Devices Global Series report.

Beauty Devices: Key Areas That Marketers Are Expected to Develop in 2021

Beauty Tech: Back to Basics

The market for beauty devices is poised for another year of growth, with expected increases of mid-single digits in the United States and an even stronger double-digit rate in China. And while last year’s category gains were undoubtedly driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainable growth seems likely. To boost sales even further, marketers are expected to embrace the following key areas:Continue reading

Physician-owned websites

Doctors Pivot to E-Commerce to Cater to Skin Care Needs

Dispensing skin care has become a vital part of aesthetic physicians’ businesses in 2020. The reason: It offers an additional source of revenue to their core business, which in most cases, has suffered tremendously due to COVID-19.  Our soon-to-be published report, Physician-Dispensed Skin Care: Perception and Satisfaction Survey, will focus on the pandemic’s impact on aesthetic physicians’ businesses and what the “new normal” will look like from now and through 2021.  Continue reading

Natural Beauty and Personal Care Acquisitions

Who’s Next: A Look at Natural Personal Care Acquisitions (Part Two)

The popularization of ethical and healthy lifestyles in Europe and the United States has made its way to Brazil. The demand for cruelty-free, vegan, and organic products is growing, and consumers embrace brands promoting a socially and environmentally responsible message. Lately, brands and product lines with natural claims have swarmed the Brazilian market, posting strong sales growth of 10% in 2019, according to our recently published Natural Personal Care Global Series.Continue reading