Professional Skin Care Emerging Developments in Europe and the United States

Professional Skin Care: Emerging Developments in Europe and the United States

Mergers and acquisitions are continuing to consolidate the global professional skin care landscape, particularly in the dynamic medical care providers channel. Some of the most noteworthy deals that marked recent years were L’Oréal’s acquisition of SkinBetter Science, strengthening its position in the physician segment, and Galderma’s acquisition of Alastin, helping to piggyback the brand with its cornerstone base of injectables.

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New Regulations Shaping the Chinese Medical Care Providers Channel banner

New Regulations Shaping the Chinese Medical Care Providers Channel

The National Medical Products Administration in China issued four new regulations to rule out counterfeit products and unqualified institutions from the professional skin care market. As these policies came into play, the medical care providers channel witnessed a strong double-digit growth of more than 27% in 2021, according to our Professional Skin Care Global Series report. The new policies regulate the industry from a product’s life cycle perspective, including the process of production, operation, circulation, and advertising; however, they catered to a limited expansion of brands, such as Winona, that focus on public hospitals. 

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Avène: Ranking High Among U.S. Skin Care Physicians

Avène: Rooted in Dermatology and Hydrotherapy

Owned by Pierre-FabreAvène is a well-known global brand for sensitive skin distributed through doctors’ offices, pharmacies, and online channelsAt the heart of Avène’s products is Thermal Spring Waterknown to soothe the skin and provide clinical benefits for various conditions, ranging from acne to atopic skin. 

According to Kline’s recent survey conducted among skin care dispensing physicians in the United StatesAvène received high performance scores on all key attributes, including training and education, marketing, and product portfolio, implying that physicians are highly satisfied with all the support provided by the brand. To monitor the progress of this brand and others, refer to the Physician-Dispensed Skin Care: Perception and Satisfaction Survey report. 

Medical Care Providers in China

Medical Care Providers in China Remain a Bright Spot in the Global Professional Skin Care Market

The medical care providers channel in the Chinese professional skin care market grew by nearly 12% in 2020, according to Kline’s recently published Professional Skin Care Global Series report. This figure is higher than the growth observed in other key markets such as the U.S. and Europe, which grew by almost 2% and slightly over 7%, respectively. China continues to be the second-largest market for professional skin care products in the medical care providers channel, accounting for more than 30% of global channel sales in 2020.  Continue reading

Physician-Dispensed Skin Care

Against All Odds: The Professional Skin Care Market Is Slated to Exceed Expectations

The market for pricey professional skin care products, particularly those dispensed by physicians, is giving an incredible performance despite the country’s worst health and economic period in recent times.

U.S. sales for these physician-dispensed brands, led by SkinCeuticals, are projected to see increases similar to last year, when the medical care providers channel grew 11%. While most brands have leaned on their digital assets, including brand websites and third-party retailers such as Dermstore and Amazon Professional, the greater surprise is how successful doctors have been in their retailing efforts to clientele.Continue reading

Independent Companies Disrupt the Food and Beverages Market

Independent Companies Disrupt the Food and Beverages Market

Driven by health-conscious consumers, social influencers, technology, people who are increasingly adopting flexitarian diets, millennials, and the rise of Gen Z, food and beverage indies are witnessing double- and triple-digit growth rates. Some of the key product types offered by these indie companies include protein-based, meat-alternative, and plant-based products.Continue reading

Professional Skin Care Europe What is Coming as the COVID-19 Pandemic Continues

Professional Skin Care Europe: What’s Coming as the COVID-19 Pandemic Continues?

Most of the 650,000 outlets that offer professional skin care products in Europe have been closed since mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic, with no clear indication of when most reopenings will occur. In fact, COVID-19 may mark a permanent closure for many of them, particularly those in the spa channel. For marketers with a digital footprintbe ivia their own website or other e-tail channelsthe loss will be slightly less impactful.  

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Cannabis in Food & Beverages

U.S. Marketers Bet Big on Cannabis-Infused Products

Cannabis has emerged as the new buzzword across many U.S. industries as a result of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the cultivation, sale, and distribution of hemp. The overall market for cannabis-infused food and beverages achieved strong double-digit growth of over 70% in 2019, while CBD health and wellness products are expected to approach $1 billion by 2024 with strong growth each year. Driving market growth is strong word-of-mouth and growing consumer interest in new and natural ingredients.Continue reading

professional skin care

Professional Skin Care: Growing by $1.1 Billion Globally in Five Years

The professional skin care market registers a strong growth of about 7% in 2019, across key markets including China, Europe, India, and the United States, according to Kline’s recently published Professional Skin Care Global Series. All four markets register positive growth, with developing country India registering double-digit growth and Russia registering the highest growth in Europe.
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Professional Skin Care

How Is Professional Skin Care Shaping Key Markets?

The professional skin care market continues to witness a healthy growth of more than 7% in 2019 across key markets such as China, Europe, India, and the United States, according to our soon-to-be-published Professional Skin Care Global Series report. China continues to be the largest market; however, developing markets such as India register the strongest growth of more than 12% in 2019. This solid increase is driven by various factors including rising incomes, an emerging middle class, a growing millennial population, and increasing awareness of skin health.Continue reading