Agnieszka Saintemarie

Agnieszka Saintemarie draws upon more than six years in business consulting, advising predominantly major players within the consumer goods industry, where she has built up substantial experience working within the cosmetics and toiletries market.

As Industry Manager for Kline’s Beauty & Personal Care, Agnieszka supervises project teams and works on such titles as Salon Hair Care, Professional Skin Care, and Professional Nail Care. Additionally, she liaises with major players on the consumer goods market and tracks developments and trends driving the cosmetics market, using her fluency in English, French, and Polish.

Prior to working for Kline, Agnieszka worked as Principal Consultant at PMR – research, publications and consultancy firm, where she co-managed the consulting department and supervised key projects including competitive intelligence and market entry feasibility studies.

Agnieszka earned a BBA degree from the American Business School in Paris and a Master of International Business and Law from the University of Sydney. Her interests include a natural diet and lifestyle, fitness, and fusion cuisine.

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