Ali Khan

Based out of Kline’s India offices in New Delhi and Hyderabad, Ali Khan is currently Managing Director and Director and Country Head of Kline’s India operations office and has been instrumental in the growth of Kline’s market research and management consulting teams in the region. In his 16 years with Kline & Company, he has worked on and managed a broad range of projects involving strategic planning, competitive analysis, financial analysis, and market assessment.

Ali has been involved in such projects as customer satisfaction/benchmarking studies for various industrial and chemical product companies; a market assessment study in institutional cleaning and paper products; profit and loss analyses of a major hair care product for a consumer/beauty product company; a benchmarking of distribution practices in the food products industry; and the development of market entry strategy for a major food marketer, among many others. He has also worked at Kline’s Europe office in Brussels for two years in the capacity of a Senior Consultant.

Prior to joining Kline & Company, Ali was employed by Boone, Young & Associates, where he first worked as a Consultant and later as Assistant Manager of one of its Business Development Centers. Boone, Young & Associates is a company that specializes in offering total business and management consulting services to small and minority-owned businesses in the NY-metro area.

Ali holds an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, where he majored in marketing with an emphasis on international business. He also has a BS in commerce and business from India with a concentration in finance/accounting.

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