Management Team

Megha Rath

Innovation Manager, BI Lead

As the Innovation Manager at Kline, Megha is at the forefront of important digital transformation projects, making sure they add real value. She collaborates closely with business and tech leaders at Kline to make data insights more accessible without compromising on quality. Megha and her team develop automation, business intelligence, and analytics solutions for business teams, ensuring they positively impact customer interactions with our data.

Megha’s role involves standardizing and modeling data, setting and improving business KPIs, quickly launching business intelligence dashboards, and streamlining report automation. She helps business leaders quickly prototype and show customers the value of these initiatives.

Megha joined Kline in April 2022 and has effectively upgraded the company’s data infrastructure with a digital-first approach. With a strong background in data and analytics, Megha has led BI and data science teams at large multinational companies and has experience in AI startups. This gives her a unique mix of technical and business expertise. Based in Hyderabad, India, Megha is the key person for digital transformation at Kline.