Predictive Analytics Team

Syed Hisham

Lead Database Engineer

Hisham is the technical whiz who builds out the architectural structure behind the scenes, pulling together disparate sources into one solution by ensuring data flows work in the right way and that our models meet the high standards required.

Hisham has eight years’ experience in data analytics and integration, working previously as an SQL developer, building custom back-end applications and developing full scale ETL automations. Hisham holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from the University of BITS, Pilani.

Satyam Aeron

Associate Data Scientist

Satyam develops and builds the products used across the Kline organization, applying his vast knowledge of advanced data science algorithms to create accurate and robust tools.

Satyam is a tech enthusiast and has extensive experience using multiple programming languages such as Python to build solutions and query data visualization tools like Power BI. He has also built machine learning algorithms that work with big data. Satyam holds a Master’s degree with distinction in Economics & Finance from King’s College London.

Vibhuti Roach

Associate Data Scientist

Vibhuti is the jigsaw builder who stitches together different aspects of the project lifecycle into a solution that generates powerful insight for our clients, applying her extensive data science talents to develop new products.

She previously worked in the logistics and operations space, applying data science methodologies to build in-house analytical solutions for customer service teams and optimization projects. Vibhuti holds a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from the University of Delhi.