Yann Pencolé

Based in the London office, Yann Pencolé provides strategic business intelligence services to Kline’s clients in Europe as well as globally. Having worked in business climates such as Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America, Yann brings a well-rounded perspective to his clients.

Over the course of his career, he has managed and conducted studies on market entry and expansion strategy, due diligence and acquisition screening, manufacturing cost competitiveness, industry and competitor analysis, sourcing studies, and distributor searches.

From an industry perspective, Yann has delivered successful projects to clients in beauty and personal care, healthcare, energy, petrochemical, mining, agrochemical, and construction.

Prior to working for Kline, he worked in the strategy and business development teams of Rhodia (ex-Rhone Poulenc Chimie, now Solvay) and as a business development and account director for Mintel (Beauty and Personal Care division).

Yann is an industrial engineer (he graduated from ICAM in France, Arts et Métiers) and holds a specialized Master’s degree in entrepreneurship from ESCP Europe (Paris campus).

He is fluent in English andFrench and converses in Spanish and Japanese. In his spare time, he practices Kendo and runs marathons.

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