Energy and Chemicals Management Consulting Teams

Kline Appoints Two New Directors to its Energy and Chemicals Management Consulting Teams

Kline, a respected provider of world-class consulting services and high-quality market intelligence, today announced recent additions to the company’s executive team. Kline is proud to announce the appointments of Annie Jarquin as Director in the Energy Practice and Hardeep Parmar as Director in the Chemicals Practice of Kline’s Management Consulting business. Their respective experience will help to strengthen Kline’s abilities, reputation, and, most importantly, add value for our clients within the energy/lubricants and chemicals industries.Continue reading


Europe is the Largest Synthetic Latex Polymers Market but CIS Region Carries Higher Potential

Europe and CIS together account for a total 23% of the global synthetic latex polymers market in 2014. While consumption of synthetic latex polymers in CIS remains low, the region offers high growth potential. Import substitution programs implemented by the Russian government along with the strategic development of chemical industry plans across the majority of CIS countries will drive the synthetic latex market in the region, estimated to increase at 2.6% through 2019,finds the recently published analysis of the CIS and European regions from Kline’s Synthetic Latex Polymers: Global Business Analysis and Opportunities report. However, the political and economical instability in the region could decelerate this growth.

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Synthetic Latex Polymers: CIS and Europe WEBINAR

Live Webinar – Synthetic Latex Polymers: CIS and Europe Business Analysis and Opportunities

With the consumption of latex polymers rapidly
growing in the CIS region and complex European market, it is important to understand which regions have the highest potential and which product types and applications are the most promising in these markets.

To provide you with a better understanding of the current state of the synthetic latex polymers market, Kline invites you to a free and insightful webinar on key findings from the year 1 series from our continuous program – Synthetic Latex Polymers: Global Business Analysis and Opportunities on:Continue reading

in-cosmetics 2015

Personal Care Ingredients Mix to Delight Consumers’ Senses at this Year’s in-cosmetics

The world’s leading personal care ingredients tradeshow, in-cosmetics, held this year in sunny Barcelona, has once again brought together an immense

number of ingredient suppliers and marketing specialists to showcase the novelties offered by their businesses.

While some novel ingredients were introduced at the show, this year is rather signified by new end product concepts and formulations with the existing ingredients. Textures, softness, smoothness, comfort, and consumer needs were touted by many marketers and the word “sensory” permeated a variety of marketing campaigns.Continue reading

HI&I cleaning products in CHina, India, and the U.S.

The markets for ingredients for HI&I cleaning products in China, India, and the United States are characterized by strong regional specificities

The markets for HI&I ingredients in the United States, China, and India—the three regions from the upcoming global HI&I ingredients report—are rather diverse in terms of growth, value, and volume. While there are differences in the size of these markets and their growth potentials, qualitative attributes also differ widely.

The consumption of ingredients in all three countries represents a large chunk of the total market, accounting for over USD 10 billion, driven by the United States, which represents more than half of this total. In terms of future outlook, India is forecast to post the strongest growth among these three countries, of almost 13% during the forecast period of 2014-2019. Continue reading

Solubility enhancement in pharmaceutical oral solid dosage forms

Three Key Trends in the Solubility Enhancement Industry

With approximately 90% of the active pharmaceutical ingredients that are under development falling into the two low solubility classes of the Biopharmaceutical Classification System (BCS), solubility enhancement technologies represent a strongly growing need for the pharmaceutical industry globally. Our current research covering solubility enhancement technologies and the related excipients market forecasts a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 10% in the period from 2014 to 2024 for this highly important segment, driven by the demand for solubility enhancement excipients. Continue reading

Biocides Southeast Asia Market

Join us for a Complimentary Webinar Covering Insights from Specialty Biocides: Southeast Asia Market Research

A complex combination of factors is driving specialty biocides demand in Southeast Asia. With the 5% growth forecast in biocides consumption during 2014-2019, Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing regions for biocides globally.

To learn more about the specifics of this market, we invite you to a complimentary webinar on key trends, opportunities and demand drivers.

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Asian rubber sector looks forward to yearly gains after 2014

Asian rubber sector looks forward to yearly gains after 2014

Originally posted on Rubber Journal Asia, December 12, 2014.

Asia is a dominant region in terms of global rubber output and consumption.  The bloc accounted for about half of the global rubber consumption and close to half of the global output in 2012, according to an earlier report by Ceresana, a Germany-based industrial market research company.

This year, however, various issues involving prices, supply, and demand have put several roadblocks for the region’s rubber industry.Continue reading

Southeast Asia Synthetic Latex Polymers Market

Southeast Asia – The Fourth Largest Synthetic Latex Polymers Market Globally, Finds Kline

On a global scale, Southeast Asia represents the fourth largest market for synthetic latex polymers, accounting for 8% of the global consumption, according to the recently published Synthetic Latex Polymers: Southeast Asia Market Analysis and Opportunities report by global consulting and research firm Kline & Company. Although it is significantly smaller than the leading global markets, such as the United States, Europe, and China, it is still much larger than the developing markets of the Middle East, Brazil, and India. All markets are scheduled to be closely analyzed in our recently launched new program – Synthetic Latex Polymers: Global Business Analysis and Opportunities. Within Southeast Asia, countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia account for 82% of synthetic latex polymers consumption in the region. Acrylonitrile-butadiene (AB nitrile) is the leading product type, accounting for 44.6% of the total consumption in the region by volume, followed by styrene acrylics.Continue reading

Polymers for Solubility Enhancement

Polymers for Solubility Enhancement Will Drive the Oral Solid Dosage Forms Market, According to Kline

Poor solubility has been a major challenge in the formulation development for oral solid dosage form (OSDF) pharmaceuticals, a preferred route for pharmaceutical consumption. Various methods have been researched to improve solubility of poorly soluble API and among these the use of polymers for solubility enhancement in solid dispersions is among the most popular. Identifying the importance of the trend and to fulfill inadequately assessed market for polymers for solubility enhancement, global consulting and research firm Kline & Company is announcing the undertaking of a comprehensive study on Polymers for Solubility Enhancement in Pharmaceutical Oral Solid Dosage Forms: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities. The study will cover current and forecast demand by major products, supplier sales, and technical and market trends, as well as market opportunities and challenges for manufacturers of these polymers worldwide.Continue reading