Client Type: A leading global cosmetics manufacturer and marketer

Business due diligence and consumer perception towards an acquisition target in India.

Kline Solution:
1. Analyze the current and future outlook for prestige, masstige, and mass market segments in India – for the makeup and skin care product classes
2. Assess competitive scenario and conduct business due-diligence for select brand in India
3. Assess consumer attitudes and perception for select brands in India
4. Assess brand growth potential in light of current and future growth in India, as well as consumer perception
5. Make recommendations with regards to the suitability of acquisition candidate

Business due diligence was conducted and apt recommendations were made to the client, on the basis of which they will firm up their strategic decision.

Client Type: Global consumer electronics company

Our client had a strong position in selected markets in consumer hair appliances but no presence in the professional market.

Kline Solution:
In order for our client to decide if it would be interesting to invest in becoming a player in the professional market in selected countries it needed to gain an in-depth understanding of these markets. Kline set out to conduct an in-depth interview program with a cross section of salons, distributors, and suppliers of hair appliances in order to develop an accurate picture of the market and market dynamics in the selected countries. Based on our research and analysis, the client was able to make well informed decisions on each of the markets as to if and how it should enter the different markets.